Male Fabric Rolling Dress Form with Height-Adjustable Base

Uploaded on 28 May, 2021

Last Modified on 28 May, 2021

This male fabric rolling dress form is a great display solution to feature your best-selling merchandise within any retail store/window, designer showroom, tailoring shop, or boutique. Each mobile sewing mannequin bust is constructed from a thick polyurethane foam inner core covered by high-quality ivory cotton knit material for easy pinning use when needed. This modern fabric dress form with a decorative neck cap, spring, and foot pedal in a brushed nickel finish will be sure to grab the attention of your audience while allowing your best-selling garments and accessories to be the main focus of any presentation. Reinforced on two locking and two non-locking caster wheels, this floor standing sewing bust display can easily be moved around for visual updates without subjecting the floor to scratches or scuffs. Additionally, this fabric dress form with a height-adjustable metal base has the ability to be set to different heights ranging from 51" to 90.5" tall to accommodate any display. Position this mobile sewing mannequin within your retail space to create a fully modernized presentation that will make your merchandise stand out amongst any crowd!
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