Mobile Garment Rack with Digital Sign and Android 7.1 Operating System

Uploaded on 29 January, 2021

Last Modified on 03 February, 2021

Our mobile garment rack with digital sign is a modern store fixture that allows you to create an eye-catching advertising showcase incorporating multi-media content like product videos, tutorials, GIFs, and SlideShows. This floor-standing retail display has an Android 7.1 operating system allowing you to elevate your guest's in-store experience with engaging content that can be heard with built-in-speakers. The LCD screen features a slide show app, web browser, Google Play Store for easy app downloading, and more. This sleek mobile garment rack with digital sign also includes a 30" W x 8" H frame at the top of the unit, allowing you to add printed graphics to customize this display to suit your brand's needs further. The mix of static signage and multi-media makes for an eye-catching showcase for any commercial space, from retail stores to trade shows. This advertising store fixture also features an Ethernet port, HDMI port, and two USB 2.0 inputs allowing you to enhance your customer's experience further. A remote control is included for easy management of content from far away. Our modern mobile garment rack with digital sign is the perfect way to digitalize your customer's shopping experience and further expand your in-store marketing opportunities!
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