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NSTSFSPL Rotating Retail Display Table Assembly

Uploaded on 17 June, 2015

Last Modified on 23 June, 2015

Check out how this rotating retail display table morphs from one configuration to another. Assembly is easy with 2 people, just watch and see for yourself!


REBECCA (Narrator): "Looking for a high end and contemporary retail display? Our NSTSFSPL series will fit the bill!  These high quality nesting tables come in multiple finishes and feature rotating tiers that allow for a variety of configurations! So, let’s get started with assembly! Start by laying out each part.  Attach the legs to their corresponding tables using hex screws, the largest legs attaching to the largest tabletop and so on. Next, slide a collar down over the large table’s center leg"

TEXT: "Slide a collar over the large table's center leg. Grab (2) bearing spacers and (1) bearing ring"

REBECCA: "Follow the collar with a bearing spacer, a bearing ring, and one more bearing spacer.Slide the medium sized table down
Then repeat!"

TEXT: "Spacer...Bearing...Spacer... Collar"

REBECCA: "Spacer, bearing, spacer – one more collar – followed by spacer, bearing, spacer"

TEXT: "Spacer...Bearing...Spacer..."

REBECCA: "Finally, slide the last tier on.Use the clamp ring to secure all the layers in place. Loosen, slide it down the center pole, and tighten at the bottom. Add levelers and wheels - then you’re ready to flip the entire assembly over!"

TEXT: "Flip it over!"

REBECCA: "Have fun creating tons of different configurations with your Displays2go rotating retail display!"

TEXT: "2 Finishes Available!"
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