Portable Chair Mounted Green Screen with Collapsible Design & Chroma Key Compatibility

Uploaded on 08 June, 2021

Last Modified on 29 June, 2021

Add the perfect backdrop for any occasion with this portable chair mounted green screen! With chroma key compatibility, this 60" circular background allows you to create endless digital environments while concealing physical locations that may distract. This portable chair mounted green screen uses wrinkle-free polyester that ensures a crisp, clean streaming display with best results in even-lit areas. Collapse the durable steel perimeter to fit inside the 21" travel bag for compact storage and spring open upon removal for quick access. The lightweight display slides over the back of most gaming and office chairs in both directions while hook and loop closures keep it securely in place. Use this portable chair mounted green screen to impress co-workers, students, YouTube audiences, or gaming competitors with the perfect virtual backdrop!
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