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Product Demo: Green Screen Backdrop

Uploaded on 29 September, 2017

With a wrinkle-resistant chroma key panel to allow for easy post-production editing, this green screen backdrop is perfect for professional and amatuer photography and videography. The lightweight aluminum frame assembles in minutes, with the poles clicking together and the fabric sleeve zipping in place for a 8' wide background. Following these easy steps for pre- and post-production, your finished photo or video will look stunning.


Jeff: "Hey! What’s going on guys? It’s Jeff. Our Displays2go green screens can be used in a multitude of situations whether it’s in photography or video. 
But before you get started, make sure you have scene planned so you can light your subject to the background that you would like to place them in.
Step 1:
Setting: Choose your location to make sure it has enough space to set up your green screen. These portable displays will make it that much easier.
Step 2:
Screen Setup: Assembling your Displays2go green screen is a snap! Make sure to add sand bags or weights to secure the screen to avoid it from toppling over.
Step 3:
Lighting: For best results, be sure to evenly light your green screen.
Step 4:
Positioning your subject: The trick here is to give enough separation between your subject and the green screen.  This will eliminate shadows cast on to the green screen as well as green spill onto your subject.
Step 5:
Lighting the Subject:
Do you best lighting the subject keeping in mind the environment you will be superimposing them on to. Be aware that different light sources will give a different color temperature.  
Step 6:
Shoot your scene and be sure to keep your subject inside your green screen at all times.
Finally Step 7:
Bring your footage to your editor of choice. There are many out there but we will be using Adobe Premiere. Once brought in you will need to find the keying effect. In Premiere it’s called the ultra key. Then select the color you are looking to remove in this case it is green, and voila! Your green is removed.  Now just bring in your background and place it underneath to create a different environment. 
So, whether you’re an amateur or professional, these portable green screens from Displays2go will take your skills to the next level!"
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