Product Intro: Sit and Stand Desktop Workstation

Uploaded on 29 March, 2018

Last Modified on 20 January, 2021

These sit and stand desktop risers come equipt with a slim profile and gas assisted lift. These workstations may reduce the risk of "sitting disease" and are an essential component for a healthy lifestyle. The sit and stand desktop risers are sure to make your workday more comfortable!


Chris: "As your alarm goes off another work day begins.
You’re sitting as you’re having breakfast, sitting on your way to work, only to sit at your desk.
In meetings, at lunch, more meetings, until it’s time to go home and sit some more.
Are you seeing a pattern here?  
Did you know that over the course of the day you’re sitting an average of 12 hours.
You may be asking yourself.  There’s got to be a better way. 
Introducing the Sit & Stand desktop workstation.
It’s slim design fits on your desktop with enough room for your workstation setup.
Easily adjust the height with the gas-assisted handles to go from sitting to standing within seconds.
So start enjoying the benefits with increased productivity and a healthier lifestyle!"
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