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Product Introduction Video: SEG Stretch Fabric Displays

Uploaded on 05 October, 2018

SEG fabric shows off your graphics on brilliant stand-alone displays. A silicone strip is sewn onto the border of stretch polyester panels, and fits securely into the channels on the frame, creating a drum-tight fit. Dye-sublimation printing allows for vibrant photographic imagery and the SEG design makes it easy to install new graphics when desired.


Paula: "Hi my name is Paula and I'm a product developer here at Displays2go.  Today I'd like to talk to you about our latest innovation, and that's SEG graphics.  You may have seen these in major retailers and national restaurants and we're happy to say it is now available for you.

SEG stands for silicone edge graphics.  They start as a white, high quality, polyester-blend fabric and we use a printing process called dye-sublimation.  We take your graphic and we heat press it into the fabric deep within the fibers and that creates a very vivid, and durable graphic for you.  They are so durable that you can wash them multiple times without them fading and they're foldable and wrinkle-resistant.

They are super easy to replace.  There's a silicone edge sewn into the edge and you can pull the tab and press-fit them right into the frame.

If you need vivid graphics for a trade show or retail environment, come check us out at Displays2go."
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