Promotion Graphic Tower Display with Interior Storage Space in Counter

Uploaded on 01 February, 2017

Last Modified on 07 March, 2017

Stand out from the crowd at your next trade show with this promotion graphic tower display. This unit is easily portable and assembly is quick and simple. Add your own custom graphics for a great looking promotional display


REBECCA (Narrator) :
These are the components that will come with this product.
Your dye sub printed graphics will come in a separate bag than the displays stand.
Take all of the components out of the bag.  You’ll notice that the shelves and the aluminum poles all have numbered stickers on them.
Take the triangular wooden piece with the number one on it and place it white side up.  This is the counter’s base.
Grab the 3 aluminum poles with the number one tabs and screw them into the corresponding channels of the base.
Next, find the three poles with the numbers 2, 10 and 11. Match these numbers up with their corresponding poles that you have already attached to the base and just simply push the aluminum pipes together. 
Now  you can add the counter’s tabletop.
Find the aluminum poles with the numbers  3, 8, and 12.
Click these pipes into place, matching them with their corresponding poles through the countertop.
Grab your graphics and attach them  by putting them underneath the counter and pulling them up around the poles.
Match the seam  of the graphics up with the notch in the outer part of the top counter. While pulling the graphics upwards, tuck the top end of the graphics into the notch that goes all the way around the counter top. Keep tucking the graphic into this notch all the way around until it is completely attached.
Next, take a frosted shelf and place it on top of the poles, making sure to push each pole through the shelving’s holes.
Repeat these steps for the next three poles and the second shelf,.
Attach the next three poles in the same way. Then, it will be easier if you lay the entire counter down on the ground so that you can place and screw in the third and final shelf. Once you’re done attaching this shelf, stand the unit back up and you are ready to go!
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