Series Showcase: Turtle Shell Cases

Uploaded on 01 August, 2017

Last Modified on 03 August, 2017

Use these Turtle Shell cases to protect your equipment without breaking your budget! Available in 3 sizes to fit your needs, each container includes customizable sheets that can be cut to fit a variety of items. The hard exterior is made with molded resin that is impact-resistant and provides a waterproof seal with the air pressure valve. Despite their rugged appearance, the Turtle Shell cases are designed for easy mobility, with various handles, straps, and wheels built into each unit for professionals and hobbyists on the go. The hard luggage have durable latches that securely shut in place and use push-buttons to prevent opening during transport. Designed to store high-end products, such as lenses, cameras, drones, and the SplashBox™ digital display, these containers are offered at affordable price points without sacrificing quality or protection.


Jeff: "Looking to protect your high end equipment without breaking your wallet?  These turtle shell cases from Displays2go have you covered.  

Showcasing 3 distinct sizes, these cases can accommodate numerous amount supplies or equipment depending on your needs. 

Included inside is customizable die-cut foam inserts that can picked out and molded to just about any shape or form you desire.

These turtle shell cases are constructed out of a high strength molded resin which makes it waterproof and perfect for high impact drops and tumbles.

Each case is designed uniquely according to its build and size when transporting delicate material by featuring hidden casters and durable handles.  

When packed away, use the pressure valve to create an airtight enclosure to keep your valuables in perfect condition.

These turtle shell cases will make a safe and secure home for your cameras, lenses, and other electronics for any professional or hobbyist.


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