Touch Screen Whiteboard with Interactive Flipchart Display and Wall Mounting Design

Uploaded on 20 January, 2023

Last Modified on 20 January, 2023

Our touch screen whiteboard is the modern innovative tool that you've been waiting for; fitting for any corporate conference room, lecture hall, hospitality space, or tech office. Samsung's interactive Flipchart comes in 2 large-format wall-mounted sizes, 75" and 85." Perfect for capturing the attention of any considerable or modest-sized audience. This touch screen whiteboard has an 8ms response time, providing a visceral and familiar pen-to-paper-like experience. Take advantage of this wall-mounted unit's included passive pens to change stroke options and colors to elevate your corporate brainstorming sessions. Utilize the magnetic frame and conveniently store both pens right on the touch screen whiteboard, and never worry about losing another writing instrument again. The interactive Samsung signage has a 4K UHD resolution and a multitude of ports that make collaboration, teaching, and note taking a breeze. Wirelessly connect up to 50 devices and share up to 4 screens by enabling multi-view. Never again will you have to deal with dirty whiteboards or spent markers, and make the switch to this smart digital display today!
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