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Video - How to Properly Install SEG Graphics

Uploaded on 07 March, 2023

Last Modified on 21 March, 2023

In a world filled with innovative and advanced technology, be among the first of many to declare electrical freedom with our new solar light box banner stand. This eco-powered device is an environmentally friendly advertising solution for any establishment. Thanks to its wide solar panel base designed for optimal sun capture, you don’t need to worry about keeping it charged. Illuminate your marketing callouts with this advanced yet low-maintenance signage using the automated timer control for optimal timing and energy regulation. Our double-sided light box is a perfect tool for any outdoor event, showing your customers an engaging advertisement from both directions. Swiftly and efficiently streamline your marketing replacements with the product's UV-printed silicone-edge fabric graphic material designed to be durable and long-lasting. Our solar light box banner stand brings exciting illuminated advertisements to areas lacking direct electrical power sources, making it perfect for outdoor retail ads, sporting events, and more!

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