Wood Lecterns & Pulpits in Natural Finishes

Wood Lecterns for Teaching, Speaking, and More!

Wooden podiums, wood lecterns are the most commonly used among speakers and lecturers. These stands can be found in churches, schools, hotels, universities, conference rooms, convention centers and restaurants. Wood lecterns and podiums have a variety of uses, including restaurant hostess stands and banquet presentations. Presidential speeches and every day college lectures are given behind these wooden podiums.

These wood lecterns offer an unlimited selection of styles. Everything from simple wooden stands, ornate pulpits and giant multimedia lecturns, are available. Displays2go strives to stock many styles of wood lecterns and wooden pulpits. Wooden lecterns, like our acrylic podiums, are produced in bulk to reduce costs. These wooden stands, wood lecterns are kept in stock for quick shipment around the country.

The traditional solid wood lecterns represent a collection of podiums manufactured using genuine wood. Nothing beats the beauty of a real-wood podium. A classic blend of contemporary technology and ageless craftsmanship, these solid wood lecterns will add visual and functional distinction to your meeting room. The Wood Veneer Collection represents high quality products with great price points. In this section you will find Economy Wood Veneer Lecterns, most of which are imported from overseas to take advantage of lower material costs. Our owners actually traveled to the manufacturing plants to inspect the materials, conditions and quality of the products before we offer them to you. Economy lecterns can take the abuse of constant relocation, yet can be replaced without putting a big dent into the budget. In our Economy Wood section you would find a broader selection of podiums and lecterns.

Many of our wooden lecterns are available with high quality audio/sound systems that allow the speaker or presenter to be heard even in large or areas. Optional logo plates make sure your organization is remembered and add an elegant touch to the front of your lectern, podium or pulpit.

All of our wooden lecterns are made using quality parts and techniques. We strive to accurately describe our products so you know exactly what you are getting. We manufacture all of our wooden podiums and pulpits with quality materials. Like our acrylic podiums, our wooden lecturns are found across the country in schools, restaurants and churches. Nobody likes to wait weeks for a new purchase to arrive so Displays2go stocks most of our products for quicker shipment. This means you can start enjoying your new wooden lecturn, podium or church pulpit sooner.

In addition to the products shown on this page we offer an even broader selection of lecturns & podiums. We also have a full spectrum of point of purchase displays which can be seen at our main shopping categories page.

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