Painting Easels Available In Many Designs

Paint Easels are Ideal for Professionals & Amateurs Alike

Painting easel holds canvases weighing up to 22 lbs. This painting easel product line is often seen in art galleries and artists' studios all over the world. These upright supports are is used to display an artist's painting or other graphical works of art. There are basic wooden tripod stands in many finishes. Regardless of the need or function there is a paint easel here that will meet or exceed any expectations! As an added bonus; most of these products ship same day when in stock and ordered by 3PM EST.

This painting easel features a storage drawer to hold art supplies.One of the many art supplies available is a wood stand that folds down into a compact carrying case. This painting easel has many beneficial features that make it useful to any artist. Telescoping legs can be raised for a display height of 33-1/2", or completely retracted when not in use. The entire painting easel folds down into a nice carrying size so that it can be taken along easily on a painting journey. Renoir himself would have certainly enjoyed the likes of this versatile fixture. Although this paint easel can fold down and has adjustable legs; it still has a sturdy construction. There is also a six compartment drawer included with this painting easel, allowing for plenty of storage for additional art supplies. The drawer has latches so that the contents will not get jumbled around while being carried or transported. As an added bonus there is a palette included.

What are these stands used for?
  • Artists use these wooden tripod stands to hold their artwork.
  • Art enthusiasts use these products to display their favorite pieces.
  • Curators tend to buy these displays in bulk quantities to coordinate exhibitions.

This painting easel is a favorite amongst artists.One of the more basic painting easels in this product line-up is this simple wooden tripod stand. This display has retractable legs that allow varying display heights. The legs can also be completed retracted for ease of portability and storage. These stands can support a canvas weighing up to 8 lbs. In addition, this stand features brass accents that give the stand a touch of class and elegance. Although it has a simple design it can still tilt the artwork in many directions. This painting easel can even be positioned horizontally for a flat painting surface. With so many features, one would expect to pay in excess of $100 dollars for such a quality versatile display. Most products are available for less that $30. At that price most artists buy multiple units so that they have a means of holding artwork at all times. These wooden stands fold up nicely when not in use and even when in use, they don't take up a lot of floor space.

Art curators around the globe love to buy these stands to put in a gallery or studio. There are three color choices available in this painting easel group; natural, black and cherry. These wooden display stands can hold art weighing up to 22 lbs. Additionally, this painting easel can display a canvas that is over 47" high. All three tripods are made of solid Elmwood, making this a very stable display. One of the other spectacular features of this painting easel is the adjustable support bar. The bar can be raised or lowered to display art at various heights. There is also a small channel built into the bar where are supplies can be kept ready at-hand. The back leg of this painting easel folds flat against the body of the unit to stow flat when not in use. Like most of the products featured here, this particular unit requires minimal assembly.

Artists have different needs, and that was taken into consideration when these easels were designed. Artists looking for a stand with no frills have plenty of options to choose from. These wooden painting easels in either basic black or a completely natural wood finish. This wooden stand does have some height adjustability, as well as the ability to tilt the viewing angle. The wooden display has an adjustable clamp that accommodates canvases of different sizes. These tripod displays require little-to-no effort to put together prior to use.

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