How to Display Action Figures

Collectible Toy Display Ideas

Posted on 15, October, 2015

Last Modified on 18, December, 2015

When it comes to displaying your valuable collector's items, it can be really hard to find a healthy balance between showcasing and protecting your memorabilia. You’ve done a lot of hard work carefully collecting your action figures. Now you deserve to show them off with pride - without having to worry about potential damage! We’re going to discuss the four main reasons you should use a display case to showcase your action figures in your home. Then, we'll show you our top display picks!

There are a few things to consider when deciding how to display your action figures:

  1. Keep the Dust Off

    Dust is a common concern for collectors that wish to display their action figures. Dust is inevitable, just like death and taxes. But what’s the point of having such an awesome collection if you can’t showcase it out in the open? Good news folks - when you store your action figures in clear display cases the dust becomes a non-issue! Just remember to wipe the outside of the case every so often with a damp cloth.

  2. Prevent Accidents

    Just like dust is inevitable, so are accidents. Whether it’s an excited dog, children playing, or a video game controller hurled in a fit of frustration - accidents will happen! And it would be horrible if something were to happen to one of your most valuable action figures while it was being displayed out in the open. So protect your collectibles from flying remotes and keep them in an enclosed display case! You’ll find models available to fit any man cave décor, and a range of sizes to fit anywhere from one action figure to one hundred.

  3. Stop Theft

    If you have a particularly valuable collection, it is also a good idea to keep it in a locking case. Why keep your most expensive toys packed away just because they’re collector's items? A locking display case is a great compromise, keeping the figurines safe from sticky fingers, while proudly showcasing them for all to see.

  4. Light ‘Em Up!

    Now that you’ve made triple-sure all your Transformers, G.I Joes, and other collectibles are safe and secure, you can really make them shine. LED spotlights are perfect for lighting up each character. Some display cases even come with mini spotlights built in!

Now that you know the four cardinal rules for displaying action figures, check out some of the cases hand-picked by our staff as the best for displaying action figures!

Model Display Case
Acrylic Countertop Case
Doll Case
Wall Mount Figure Case
Acrylic Display Case
Wider Countertop Case

Shadow Box Case
Case w/ Mirror Back
Locking Toy Case
Locking Countertop Case
Aluminum Collectibles Case
Aluminum Locking Case

Action Figure Tower
Frameless Tempered Glass Tower
Action Figure Display
Tower w/ Spotlight
& Storage
Action Figure Spotlights
w/ Adjustable Lights

Now we really want to see what you come up with! Post pictures of your action figure display to our Facebook page and we just might share them for all to see!

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