Window Sign Holders for Retail, Office, and Restaurant Advertising

Store Window Displays and Sign Holders for Advertisements or Messaging

Are you looking for a way to increase foot traffic with storefront promotions? Our selection of window sign holders helps advertise products and services, operating hours, and upcoming events in highly trafficked areas. Window and door cling signage is so effective because of its placement. Think front entryways, reception desk dividers, or bank teller counters. Use our window sign holders to appeal to new customers with sales, local attractions, or custom printed advertisements. Choose between options featuring suction cups, clear adhesive dots, or tape. All are flush, non-obstructing ways to present signage in style. A sign holder with suction cups attracts customers and improves your bottom line through frequent graphic updates. Our cling displays inform customers about featured products, growing their interest and growing your chance of a sale. Easy, simple, and affordable, our customers purchase these fixtures in bulk for expansive physical marketing campaigns.

How are these suction cup and adhesive signage frames most commonly used?
  • Retail – These high visibility sign holders are a great addition to your year-round marketing arsenal. They start promoting to your customers on entry. Placement on glass doors or storefront windows reminds customers of the limited-time deals inside. Our signage frames entice passersby with custom printed advertisements and attract new clientele to your store.
  • Adhesive Stick On Picture Frames
  • Doctors Offices – Place nutrition, medical, or health plan information directly in front of patients at reception desks. Cling or suction co-pay rates, doctor’s schedules, and office hours to glass desk panels and dividers. Use these sign holders to remind patients where to check in, who is on duty, and where to schedule future appointments.
  • Restaurants – Get your customers thinking about enticing menu options even before sitting down. Restaurant regulars will order the same thing time and time again, so advertising new or seasonal menu items can get them to try something else. Place a sign holder on your front door or along the windows so customers can see your chef’s best dishes on arrival.

Our storefront signage frames are economically priced to sell in bulk. This is ideal for outfitting entire retail chains or multiple franchise locations at a fraction of the cost of traditional signage. Work with our design team to create customized posters and event signage to suit your organization’s specific promotional needs. We offer a large variety of sign holder sizes ranging from smaller 8.5” x 11” to larger 24” x 36” and everything in between. Check out our adhesive poster frames with self-stick designs for countertop or wall advertisements anywhere with open space. Shop Displays2go for custom printed posters and the correct frames to protect them!

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