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Chain Sign Suspension Hardware Hangs Retail Signage from Ceilings

Heavy Duty Hanging Sign Suspension Hardware with Chains

Are you looking for a way to secure hefty poster signage systems from the ceiling, overhead aisles, or in the storefront windows of your business? Our chain sign suspension hardware includes a pair of chains from 12" up to 60", hanger clips, toggle bolts, and "S" hooks — everything you need to hang poster advertisements and acrylic frames. These systems are ideal for mounting signage to drop ceilings, sheet rock, and plaster. Our chain sign suspension hardware kits come in a variety of packages focused on cable length so you can hang your posters as high or low as you would like. Ceiling advertisements and directories save valuable floor space and utilize overhead areas that are sure to capture the attention of your customers. These chain sign suspension hardware sets are a heavy duty option ideal for handling large acrylic poster frames and cumbersome graphics.

Why choose a metal signage hanging system for your business?
  • Overhanging chain-link advertisements dominate visual real estate above your customers and save floor space. Utilize chain sign suspension hardware to place posters and way finders throughout your business to better direct foot traffic and inform guests about existing promotions.
  • Each ceiling hanging kit available here is affordably priced and ready to install. By choosing economically friendly sign suspension hardware kits, our customers are able to focus more of their budget on what's most important; the signage being displayed.
  • Businesses use custom printed posters to advertise to and direct customers throughout their store. With the help of our sign suspension hardware kits, users can showcase their artwork, way finders, and promotional graphics in highly visible locations.

Metal chain links allow our customers to hang heavier fixtures including hefty acrylic frames. While suspension hardware alone can support many types of posters or frames compatible with "S" hooks, some graphics may require a banner rail system depending on the printing medium. Highly visible and effective signage is an essential staple of any business, and ceiling hanging advertisements are especially impactful. Displays2go is the go-to site for businesses looking for custom printed posters, banners, and the frames necessary to hang them.

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