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Menu Chalk Boards for Wall Mount Use

Black Wall Mounted Menu Chalk Boards for Bars & Restaurants

These Menu Chalk Boards are Non-Digital for Easier UpdatesMenu chalk boards are an ideal means of displaying different types of signage. The write-on displays seen above all feature a black, textured writing surface. This surface makes the menu chalk boards perfect for use with a variety of writing materials, including liquid chalk and wet-erase markers, as well as traditional stick chalk. The use of neon markers ensures your displayed messages will stand out. These menu chalk boards enable messages to be erased easily and quickly. This is especially ideal for locations needing to make frequent message changes. To erase your messages from the menu chalk boards, simply use a damp cloth.

Where are menu chalk boards used?
  • Restaurants, such as fast food locations and eateries
  • Classrooms and lecture halls
  • Residential settings
  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • & more!

Menu Chalk Boards are Designed for Wallmount UseThese menu chalk boards are ideal for placement in several indoor settings. Restaurants are one of the most common places these products can be seen. Menu chalk boards often display recent menu additions in food service locations to promote these new merchandise before they make it into the printed food listing. These chalkboards can display drink and menu specials as well. Users can change messages in mere minutes with the easy-to-clean surface! This feature is especially ideal for food service locations, where time is of the essence. Unlike a digital menu display, which requires much more time and effort to change, restaurant employees can change the displayed signs from promoting lunch specials to dinner specials in a snap!

This Menu Chalk Board is Perfect for Use with Chalk SticksThese write-on displays are commonly seen used in restaurants and food service locations. However, they can also be used in bars and night clubs as well. There, the menu chalk boards can promote a guest DJ appearance, advertise a charity fund raiser, or display drink specials. There is no need to worry about timely message changes with these chalkboards. Simply use a wet cloth to erase your old messages! These menu chalk boards also enable users in these types of arenas to create customized messages. With an extended budget, bars or nightclubs could hire local artists to draw more detailed and eye-catching signs to generate more customer interest. The neon markers, which are sold separately, would be ideal for this type of use. The fluorescent coloring is sure to attract attention, even in dimly lit locations.

Residential settings are yet another location these menu chalk boards can be utilized. These chalkboards feature a decorative frame and will look more like a piece of art or a decoration versus a write-on display. Children can write freely on the menu chalk boards, whether to play "school" or "house". Sold in both a mahogany or natural wood finish, these chalkboards are sure to coordinate with any home décor.

What different types of menu chalk boards are available for purchase?
  • This category features wall mount chalkboards which are designed for use with wet-erase or liquid chalk markers, as well as traditional stick chalks.
  • A-frame menu chalk boards designed for outdoor use are also available. These products all feature a write-on surface for users to easily update displayed signs. The menu chalk boards come with either a white or black writing surface, depending on your option. Some of the a-frames also include a removable header to further promote your business or services.
  • Illuminated menu chalk boards are offered in this online catalog as well. These products are designed for use in such locations as fast food restaurants, cafes, bakeries and more. The illuminated menu chalk boards are an ideal way to attract customer attention.
  • Changeable letterboards are yet another ideal product line found in this online catalog for displaying your specials. Unlike digital menu chalk boards, which are much more expensive, these menu chalk boards come with vinyl letters for users to easily assemble their messages. These products are also incredibly rugged for years of use.

Menu chalk boards are offered by a variety of online retailers. What makes this selection different from others found online? First, these menu chalk boards feature a unique writing surface, which accepts regular stick chalks, as well as liquid chalk and wet-erase markers. These chalkboards are sold in both a mahogany or natural wood finish, for use in several settings, including those with an upscale décor. Several menu chalk board sizes are offered to suit the needs of any business owner. These particular menu chalk boards are designed for wall mount use, enabling users to display signs up high for patrons and customers to easily view them. Like most of the other products on this site, these products come with an "order today, ships today" guarantee, when in stock. If the chalk menu board is in stock, simply place your order by 3PM, and the products will ship out the very same day! This fact alone is why more people select Displays2go.com for all of their sign display needs.

These chalk menu board products are primarily designed for wall mount use. Each chalkboard comes with mounting hooks attached to the back of the frame for users to quickly and easily mount the products to their wall. Wall mount chalk menu boards are ideal for places with restricted counter or floor space. By displaying your signage up high on a wall, your messages will reach a greater audience, as they will be easier to view by many more patrons and clients. These menu chalk boards could also be displayed on an easel to make it a floorstanding display as well.

Wallmount chalk menu board products are not the only choice available to customers. A-frame signs with either a mahogany or natural wood finish are also available for purchase. This type of sign is perfect for placement outside of a restaurant or business. When placed outdoors, a chalk menu board a-frame can peak the interest of passersby and lure new patrons into your business! These products come in a variety of styles to select from, with either a black or green writing surface. The chalk board products with a green writing surface are designed for use with traditional stick chalk only. Other a-frame signs in this selection are designed for use with wet-erase or liquid chalk markers instead. For your convenience, a variety of marker sets are sold separately from the chalkboards, for customers to select the colors or thicknesses that will suit their design needs.

Also available through this category are snap frame metal enclosures that can also be used to advertise daily specials! The innovative enclosure enables users to remove the ABS/PMMA material from the outer encasing to customize messages and graphics on a level surface! Creative, bright signage can be created by using only wet erase pens and should be wiped clean with a wet cloth! Additionally, each frame can be uniquely mounted in vertical or horizontal orientation, all dependent on the nature of use and relative positioning! The versatile options this design presents will most certainly encourage any user to become creative and imaginative when designing signage in an attempt to publicize upcoming events, specials and other notable information! All panels noted are affordable, reasonable and can be used by any type of corporation resourcefully!

In addition to the products previously mentioned, supplemental display products are also available in this extensive online catalog. For example, digital signage is one of the most recent product lines added to the main shopping page. Dynamic displays, such as these, are quickly becoming an increasingly popular form of advertising. Digital signage enables users to make changes to their displayed signs in mere seconds! Some options come with an online management choice, for users to update content from any computer, at any time! Be sure to check out this line of digital signage, to see all of the options available.

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