Outdoor Ashtrays and Cigarette Receptacles in Many Styles

Outdoor Ashtrays Tackle Litter and Butts Near Storefronts and Entryways

Whether you own an office, restaurant, or business, maintaining a clean entrance is important. Let's face it, cigarette butts are litter. As a result, outdoor ashtrays are a common sight in front of commercial properties. While you can't control who does or doesn't smoke outside, the least you can do is provide receptacles for disposal. Displays2go sells a wide variety of outdoor ashtrays, including Smoker's Outposts™ and trash cans combined with sand traps.

What kinds of cigarette-disposing receptacles are offered?
  • Outdoor ashtrays were initially introduced as a trash can feature. Situated on top of the containers, these were filled with some form of coarse sand or other extinguishing fill. These particular models are good choices for use at supermarkets, shopping centers, or other locations where people have on-the-go trash to throw away. Bags of black or white fill sand are available for sale separately.
  • Smoker's posts offer more discreet cigarette disposal. Their tall, narrow designs don't call attention to themselves, unlike a trash can. A hole at the top of the post accepts the used butt which drops down the throat and into a pail for easy emptying. The plastic Smoker's Outpost™ models are standards of the industry. However, if you are looking for something a bit more contemporary, we suggest the stainless steel stanchion posts. Their attractive, minimal design is very modern and would fit in quite well out in front of museums, restaurants, and other upscale establishments.

Institutional trash can receptacles are utilitarian workhorses. By necessity, they perform the vital task of helping to maintain a cleaner environment by reducing litter. Cigarette butts are no different. Small in stature but a liability in large numbers, nobody likes to see them scattered around a commercial entrance. Provide smokers with an easy and convenient means of disposing their spent butts — while keeping up appearances for others.

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