Commercial Site Furnishings - Furniture, Trash Cans, Ashtrays & Storage Supplies

Commercial Site Furnishings - Business Trash Cans, Safety & Storage Supplies

Why browse through dozens of different online retailers to find commercial site furnishings when you can find all the items you need right here at Displays2Go? Facility maintenance and storage, also known as outdoor furniture and security supplies, are available for a wide array of environments and businesses, including restaurants and hotels. Choose from business furniture, custom entrance rugs, trash cans, stanchions, building directories, and smokers outposts. This selection of facility maintenance and storage includes much of the commercial merchandise you would need to enhance your business setting. Besides environment safety supplies, we provide commercial furnishings for cleaning and storage, mobile device charging stations for restaurants and public environments, luggage racks, valet key boxes, service carts, daycare furniture, portable dance floors and much more! Find what you need to make the most of your indoor or outdoor space!

Outdoor commercial furnishings include trash cans, parking lot signs, patio umbrellas, and smokers outposts. These site furnishings are great for organizing outdoor areas within any business. Keep patios clean, organized and butt-free. Umbrellas can be imprinted with custom logos for increased branding and advertising opportunities. Standing ashtrays and outdoor rate and inconspicuous. Need seating outside your facility? Browse our selection of commercial benches!

Commercial trash cans and waste receptacles are great for outdoor restaurant patios, parks and other public venues. Many of these waste bins can be used both indoors and outdoors to help encourage visitors to properly dispose of their rubbish. We offer commercial trash cans in a variety of styles and sizes to give shoppers a great selection, meeting all of your litter removal needs. Metallic models are great for any upscale setting. The polished finish will blend in with any d├ęcor, making typical commercial trash cans more decorative. We also sell rubbish containers in stone panel designs, for outdoor use. These particular commercial trash cans have larger capacities yet are still stylish with their textured features.

Entrance mats serve many purposes in a retail environment. An entry rug can help prevent many unpleasant problems in your store, including a musty smell from water, dirty floors, and increased risk of illness - not to mention other safety issues such as a slip and fall. These high-quality commercial mats are the solution to all of these problems. Trying to get your name out there? A custom logo rug can be placed in an entry way to welcome customers, or further reinforce a company slogan or catch phrase. The fibers within this rubber-backed matting dry quickly keeping the bottoms of shoes dry and less likely to slip on non-carpeted flooring. Upkeep is easy, simply use either a carpet cleaner or an outdoor hose to remove any grime or debris. The National Floor Safety Institute also certifies that this industrial matting is slip resistant and anti-static. With so many colors and sizes to choose from, shoppers are sure to find a commercial mat here that will meet their needs. There are also stanchions to choose from for crowd control in public areas. Keeping the crowd under control is very important for high traffic area, such as airport, concert entrance, and shopping malls.

We also offer a selection of furniture and storage for hotels, daycares and restaurants. Folding luggage racks are widely used in hotels for guests to place their suitcase. These portable luggage stands have durable designs and can hold suitcases up to 200 pounds. Using luggage racks in the room will make your guest feel like home and relaxed. Are you in the childcare business? We have tons of great daycare furniture designed to keep your busy environment organized and comfortable for little ones and teachers alike. Valet parking is a must for restaurants and hotels especially when they are located in a busy downtown area. Lockable key boxes here are ideal for valet parking services and mechanic shops providing customer keys a temporary home that is both well organized and safely locked.

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