Message Flags are Ideal for Use Outdoors

Message Flags For Outdoor Business Promotions

Are you looking to buy a message flag to increase your outside advertising? This nylon banner will add instant value to your store's overall awareness. The message flag for sale here contains stock text that are the most frequently used terms for retail locations. This lightweight banner with pre-printed phrases is a perfect advertising fixture for welcoming customers into your business off the street. Choose this message flag with an included nylon banner and pole to hang on the side of your establishment. The aluminum flagpole allows users to quickly hang the new advertising banner in front of your business. The message flag shown above all come with the necessary hardware to mount them properly. The included adjustable bracket allows the nylon banner to be displayed at different angles. Use this message flag to announce a current sale. This custom nylon banner can also be used in lieu of expensive neon signage to inform shoppers when your store is open. Use this message flag, open flag to make it apparent to customers as to the status of your shop. If the nylon advertising banner is on display it makes it evident to passersby that your establishment is ready for business. This rugged banner, advertising display is double-hemmed and ideal for exterior use. A custom banner, message flag and other outdoor fixtures perfectly complement your business; as passersby will be informed of your store status and feel welcomed before they enter. Restaurants, bar and grilles, as well as other local food associations use this "pizza" banner to attract customers into their shop. Use this welcome message flag to create an inviting atmosphere. Patrons like to feel invited into a store, and this custom nylon banner reinforces the feeling of being welcomed into your location.

These outdoor banners, message flags are designed to withstand normal weather conditions and resist fading! These advertising flags are made of nylon with red, white, and blue stripes. This outdoor rated fabric is quite rugged, and the bright colors help to attract shoppers' attention to your store. These message flags are offered in two different styles; vertical mount or freestanding. These giant feather banners can be seen from a great distance. Use these message flags to make a huge impact and attract a lot of attention to your store. The wind keeps these lightweight fabric banners moving which further attracts the eyes of passersby. These "open" and "sale" message flags include a hollow plastic base that can be filled with water or sand to create a stable outdoor display. Retail shops, restaurants, shopping malls even parking lots will surely benefit from the use of these custom nylon banners.

    Can these message flags be purchased with custom text?
  • These nylon open banners are offered with four different phrases and two different styles.
  • These message flags are pre-printed stock products that do not come with the option of adding additional custom text.
  • For the complete selection of feather, swooper and other flags that are offered with fully customizable options see the main banner category pages.
    Should these message flags be brought inside during rainy or snowy conditions?
  • The nylon feather and rectangular banners sold here are intended to be outside during most normal weather conditions.
  • These message flags are weatherproof as well as fade resistant.
  • As with any outdoor advertising banners; these fixtures should be brought indoors during inclement weather especially high wind conditions.

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