Suspended Sign and Cable Accessories

Hanging Cable & Suspended Sign Cables, Edge Grips, & Panels

cable displays and suspended signsWhy offer cable displays and suspended signs as separate components? The answer is so customers can mix and match poster frames and literature holders to create custom configurations! In this category there are multiple types of cable display and suspended sign. Many of these signs are designed to hang from ceilings using chains. These units are ceiling hanging only. The suspended signs for use with chain hanging kits anchor into the ceiling only, not the floor. The steel cable displays are anchored into both the ceiling and the floor. Both types of suspended sign provide advertisers great flexibility in configuring a window display ideal for their specific needs!

cable displays and suspended signsThe various suspended sign frames and pamphlet pockets offered in this category are made from clear acrylic. The acrylic is precision laser cut for quality. Please reference each product page for which cable accessories can be used in conjunction with each other. The suspended signs, also known as hanging poster frames, are made from clear acrylic for compatibility with almost any environment. Additionally, the plexiglass cable accessories are significantly more affordable than aluminum units are. Suspended signs, cable accessories sell in several sizes, included 8-1/2"w x 11"h, 11"w x 8-1/2"h, 11"w x 17"h, 17"h x 11"h, 18"w x 24"h and 22" x 28". The poster frames featured on this page can only be displayed in the shown orientation due to the positioning of the predrilled holes for connecting the hanging equipment.

Suspended Signs and Cable Accessories What makes the suspended sign so popular?
  • Advertisers can place an arrangement of cable accessories practically everywhere! No longer are businesses restricted to walls for posting advertisements!
  • This series of suspended sign is affordable when compared with other ceiling suspension signage systems.
  • Advertising with these cable accessories is convenient as well. Posters top-load into each frame, making print changes quick and easy!
Why advertise with cable accessories and suspended signs?
  • These poster frames are excellent supplements to other window displays to attract customers into a store.
  • The print hanger is convenient to use, as posters and literature can be loaded in seconds
  • Advertising with these displays brings a contemporary style to any businesses.
  • This series of poster frame is modular, allowing advertisers to mix and max components to meet their needs!

Cable displays, including literature displays and suspended displays, perform the task of showcasing poster displays and information. These cable displays are very popular in Europe and are now commonly seen in this country. Our suspended cable displays are offered in kit form but they are also available in individual components. These are the building blocks for assembling a cable display system. We offer cable displays in a number of configurations to suit your needs best.

Starting with the essentials, the cable is the first component and is the backbone of the cable display system. The cable is PVC coated stainless steel and at 1.7 mm thick, it is thin, yet strong. The suspended display's hardware is all solid brass with quality finishes. The weight of these pieces alone tells you they are not cheap aluminum. Our cable displays, like brochure dispensers and leaflet displays, help to disperse information and giveaways. These literature displays are precision laser-cut acrylic and show off graphics to their best advantage.

We supply signage suspension system for sale to interior designers, retail store owners, and even homeowners who appreciate the modern aesthetic of a suspended display. These cable displays even enhance artwork in the abode with their poster displays. Buy cable displays for their flexible applications. Suspended displays can be designed for any custom space or environment, while leaflet displays and brochure dispensers can be interchanged at will. Signage suspension systems that are modular hanging systems can be grouped together to display an impressive array of visual information. Buy cable displays and accessories for your next installation. Cable displays bring sophistication to interior design!

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