Wall Mounted Workstations with Adjustable and Folding Designs

Wall Workstations for keyboards, monitors, and laptops

When square footage is limited, and your industry demands dynamic equipment that is adjustable on the go, equip your facility with wall mounted workstations. These mountable systems securely fasten to the wall and feature monitor mounts, keyboard trays and cable management. With articulating arms and adjustable height shelves, these fixtures can accomodate changing users throughout the day. Requiring minimal assembly, these wall workstations are easy to set up and use right away and free up space that would normally be taken up by desktop PCs.

Hospitals, clinics, and veterinarian offices are fast paced environments that benefit from wall mounted PC workstations. These mounts are slim and fit perfectly on the wall to save on precious space. Doctors, nurses and other staff can roll a chair over to the wall workstation and engage with the computer, or they can remain on their feet for quick data entry before moving along. The steel or aluminum frames are designed to stand the test of time and resist wear and tear thoughout long-term, frequent use in the healthcare industry.

For a more traditional style, consider a fold down desk. These easily accessible furniture pieces feature compartments, penholders and most importantly, a writing area that folds down and is perfect for compositions or laptop usage. The wood styling gives a warmer appearance, and the writing area is large enough to comfortably use a Chromebook or tablet with keyboard. When the professional is finished using the desk, they can very simply fold it into the wall along with their files, folders and paperwork for safekeeping, thus making it very valuable for tight commercial spaces. Whichever wall mounted workstation you choose, you can be guaranteed a serviceable piece of office equipment that will streamline and accelerate your workflow.

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