Tall Display Cabinets with Slim Designs Save Floor Space in Retail Stores

Tall tower display cabinets

Tall Cabinets with Displays that Measure 40" Wide or Less

In the market for a residential or commercial showcase but need to make a big statement? Our tall display cabinets provide the ideal solution. Not only can collectors and retailers fit more items inside these taller enclosures, but they can also arrange items so that they are higher up for better visibility. These tall display cabinets for retail stores feature glass shelves, many of which are adjustable. The versatile glass shelving can accommodate a variety of collectibles, keepsakes, or merchandise. Using a tall display cabinet keeps items safe while ensuring that your collection is highly visible.

What features can I get with my thin tower case?
  • Tall display cabinets with locking doors are great for commercial applications. Make sure to order a lockable model if you intend to exhibit your valuables in public settings or other high-risk areas. Secure showcases will also protect prized collections from theft and tampering.
  • Our display cabinets with lighting are available with top and side illumination options. Although showcases with halogen bulbs are more affordable, fixtures with modern LED lights use energy more efficiently. Cases with canopy lighting usually feature recessed fixtures, but models that include side lighting are typically adjustable — they can be raised and lowered to your preference. It’s easy to create a professional and elegant presentation with only a few small adjustments.
  • Choose display cabinets with adjustable shelves to make the most of your space. Some models only have removable shelving, which allows retailers to present larger merchandise. Other tower cases have fully height adjustable shelving that moves up or down. This means you have the same amount of shelving that's simply tuned to accommodate your collection.
  • Tower cabinets with enclosed storage spaces have a separate area for storing tools and supplies out of sight. These hidden areas are protected by a locking door and can't be seen by customers.
  • Thin cabinets with wheels are much easier to move around when assembled. Rolling showcases make cleaning and rearranging furniture much easier. The wheels are hidden on most models.
  • Tower cases are available with a variety of finishes. Choosing the right color for your showcase is a matter of personal preference, which is why we offer the most popular and functional options. Browse neutral black and silver finishes as well as natural wood finishes, like cherry, oak, and maple.

How do you narrow the choices down? Simply use the filters on the side of the screen (or at the top for mobile users) to select the features and color that you need. This is a great way to quickly find the right model for your business or personal collection.

Looking for a thin commercial display with highly attractive design? Our digital exhibit pedestals feature electronic signage behind high-interest merchandise for an unmissable presentation. These sleek fixtures promote wares and artifacts with video and audio with optional custom graphics. Their plug-and-play design makes it easy to feature official marketing or your own creation.

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