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Gondola Shelving with Slatwall or Perforated Back Panels

Professional Gondola Shelving for Stocking Merchandise!

Pair sections of pegboard or slot-backed fixtures together to create the type of displays you often see in supermarkets, convenience stores, and gift shops. Gondola shelving is popular for a reason — it is incredibly versatile and easy to use! The fixtures’ convenience comes from their construction, featuring backers that are compatible with either pegboard or slot attachments. Users can add shelves, hooks, and brackets for a fully customizable gondola shelving system. Depending on the style of retail merchandise a store is selling, the perfect model will vary. For example, larger bracket shelves are ideal for holding bulk goods or boxed food. Pegboard gondola shelving is great for hanging products like clothing or blister packs. Groceries, gas stations, department stores, and many other big-box style retailers exploit standard gondola shelving so they can display the most amount of products with efficiency.

We also offer a wide selection of accessories and attachments that allow users to create a display to fit their custom needs. Slatwall add-ons provide the most options by far. No matter what type of accessory it is, each one comes with a clip that's designed to fit all standard slatwall channels. Choose from simple hangers and waterfall hook attachments to baskets, trays, even sign and literature holders. The beauty of these systems is in their modular designs. Line multiple units together in rows to create aisles, or place the fixtures out on the sales floor to entice potential customers to come in and browse!

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