Dry Erase Boards

Dry Erase Boards in Wall Mounting & Floor Standing Models

Dry erase boards are more than just convenient write-on surfaces - today they have grown to be incredibly important business, presentation and classroom tools! Users love this type of marker surface because of how dust-free and easy to use they are. Schools everywhere are switching to dry erase boards as their main presentation and note taking tools due to these important features and offices are following suite! Framed surfaces are available in aluminum and wood with multiple finishes and colors to match any facility décor. Additionally, users can find fixtures in a huge range of styles - including 24” x 26” and 36” x 48” dry erase boards.

Styles of Dry Erase Boards

Find any style and type of dry erase board on this page! From rolling to magnetic, there are product types for any need and use. For example, rolling and magnetic boards are perfect for classroom environments. Teachers and students can attach assignments to the white surfaces with magnetic while writing on other parts of the surface with dry erase markers. They can also roll the fixtures around classrooms or into different rooms with ease. Likewise, reversible boards are great for brainstorming sessions in office conference rooms because they can be flipped when users run out of room on one side. Even tempered glass boards are available which provide a modern and classic look for corporate business environments.

With such an expansive selection, you’re sure to find the perfect unit for you. Our customer care team is available to answer any questions you may have or recommend products that will fit your needs.

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