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Go the Extra Mile with the Latest Trade Show Technology for Your Booth

In today’s convention climate, it’s important for exhibitors to stay up to date with current trends and the latest gadgets. With the help of our trade show technology, users will be able to present themselves in an appealing way while using state of the art products. Emerging trends in the convention world are all revolving around digital signage, visual engagement, and even virtual reality. Therefore, it is essential for your booth to include the latest trade show technology. Conferences and expo events should be an extension of your overall marketing efforts - so why not have cutting-edge products to enhance your presentation? The only thing restricting you from incorporating trade show technology in your booth is you. Think outside the box and show your visitors that your exhibit is modern, engaging, and worth their time!

TV & Monitor Displays

Whether it’s big or small, trade show technology usually requires a screen. This can be an iPad for conducting transactions or a large LCD flat panel television that shows product demonstration videos. Choose from a variety of television stands and iPad/tablet holders to enhance your exhibit. We have stands to fit small, medium, and large sized screens. These portable and stationary display units have features like wheels for added mobility, a height adjusting capability, a locking ability, have shelves/storage, can rotate/tilt to create the perfect angle, and even have the option of adding custom text/graphics. The many finishes of these monitor displays vary from commanding truss style designs to more sleek steel options.

Charging Stations

Attending conventions can be a long day for visitors and usually leaves them with drained cell phone batteries. Having a station where visitors can power up their devices will benefit them as well as your exhibit. Many of our docking stands can be customized with graphics and text to promote your business or brand message. The charging stations available on our site take many forms. Choose from freestanding units that can fit cell phones and tablets or opt for a charging table. These tabletops come in different wood grain finishes and are special because of their wireless charging capability. Customers can place their phone on the surface while having a conversation with you about your products or services. Not only is this a convenient set-up for them, but you’ll be able to converse and network with visitors.

In the everchanging convention environment, it’s hard to keep up with digital trends. At Displays2go, we are developing cutting-edge technology and improving our products on a regular basis to stay up-to-date with digital products and know-how. Digitally transform your booth with our help today!

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