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Card Holders w/ Brochure Pockets Dispense Promotional Literature & Contact Info

Business Card Holders with Brochure Pockets Share Company Information & Calling Cards

Placing the right information in the hands of your customers helps them make a better-informed decision. Use business card holders with brochure pockets to dispense calling cards and relevant company literature in high-traffic areas to maximize brand exposure. The best advertisement any company can have is word of mouth from satisfied customers. Equipping patrons with contact info makes spreading the word simple and easy. Business card holders with brochure pockets can be used in any industry. Place them on restaurant counters to display take-home menus, atop reception desks to inform customers of your full line of services, and doctors offices to share relevant health literature. These displays share company material with potential customers and make contact information shareable.

Our selection of business card holders with brochure pockets feature single-card countertop or window-mounted options. Place these eye-catching dispensers in accessible areas such as the reception area or suctioned to the front door. The acrylic construction maintains a clean appearance through prolonged public use. This material is durable enough to not fracture if knocked off of the window or counter space as well. By using a transparent shell, these business card holders with brochure pockets blend in with any decor. The versatility of these fixtures allows establishments to position company material anywhere alongside other displays.

Card holders with brochure pockets keep information and promotional materials at customers’ fingertips. Take advantage of wall or window mounted displays to place content in often underutilized locations such as your main entry. Or, posture these acrylic mounts on any countertop, table, or desk for more traditional accessibility. By displaying literature in cases, information stays organized and presentable for browsing. Use several of these holders with brochure pockets together to create an expansive information hub. Position displays in your reception area, office, or trade show booths for maximum exposure. Wall or window hanging units are especially useful for businesses that have multiple agents. Hang each employee’s information side by side on the wall so new customers can view the entire roster with ease. Many retailers use these fixtures at the register to showcase promotional material. Present credit card offers, catalogs, store credit offers, and employee calling cards at check out to keep customers coming back.

Acrylic brochure pockets spread company information and other small media options and help increase a business’ customer base with engaging material. This approach is especially effective if your business creates its own custom pamphlet, which is easy and simple to do in Microsoft Word. Check out our brochure design guide for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to make the perfect informational handout for your business. Couple those pamphlets with your existing business cards to create branded material that customers will be happy to take with them.

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