Wall Mounted Brochure Holders Prominently Feature Marketing Literature

Save Floor Space with Brochure Holder Wall Mounts

multi-pocket brochure wall mount

Need to promote your print media with high visibility displays? These wall mounted brochure holders are excellent for featuring and dispensing pamphlets no matter where they're placed. The promotional fixtures present literature in waiting rooms and building lobbies. Our wall mounted brochure holders fit in places where floor and countertop stands won't. Despite their minimal footprint, these racks are available with large multi-tiered designs that can feature loads of leaflets in one place. The wall mounted brochure holders are offered in different fabrications, finishes, and pocket layouts to meet any marketing campaign's needs.

What options are available with these pamphlet display mounts?
  • Our wall mounted brochure holders are made of different materials for a choice of presentations. It's easy to find racks with a visual style that matches your décor.
    • Plastic mounted brochure holders are one of our most popular styles because they're sleek, affordable, and lightweight. Clear acrylic pamphlet organizers are the best for maximizing visibility — they let passersby see the cover of your trifold from a distance. Plastic dispensers are also available with modern shiny black finishes as well.
    • Wooden tri-fold fixtures have a classic design with light, medium, and dark finishes. This traditional style features clear acrylic pockets that keeps literature highly visible.
    • Metal mounts for leaflets include displays with sturdy aluminum frames, mesh pockets, and sleek curving supports. These larger racks are more than just promotional tools — they add to the décor.
  • custom printed outdoor brochure holder
  • We offer both single and multi-pocket mounted brochure holders to meet your space and marketing needs. The compact displays with one slot are great for focused campaigns where you want to feature one stack of leaflets. With multi-pocket organizers, a number of businesses can feature their advertising side by side. These large units have as many as 32 pockets to accommodate large buildings, office parks, welcome centers, and tourist shops.
  • Outdoor brochure holders are made for promoting print materials while protecting them from the elements. These exterior rated literature racks are made of clear plastic and feature a hinged lid. Offered with single and multi-pocket designs, the outdoor displays are excellent for giving information to passersby on the sidewalk or outside the front door.
  • Brochure holders with full color custom printing add another level of promotion to these leaflet dispensers. Graphics are imprinted in high resolution with fine details, and PMS color matching. This means that printed artwork is highly detailed and accurate to match your branding. Many of our promotional fixtures are feature our high quality digital imprint process to advertise with company logos in full color.

These brochure holders are available in a number of sizes, shapes, and fabrications to help any business get the word out. These flier organizers still have some extra features that make them great for promotion in offices and at events. Many of these mounts have adjustable pocket dividers that allow them to hold larger formats such as catalogs and magazines. This allows advertisers to expand their marketing campaign and fit larger media sizes all on one rack. Some displays can sit on counters, meaning that they can promote trifolds on tables if necessary. This shelving can adapt to your environment, increasing your promotional capabilities.

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