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Literature Stands with Digital Screens For Point of Sale Marketing Demonstrations

Digital Media Screens with Literature Stand Pockets for Enhanced Advertisements

Countertop Digital Screen Literature Rack

Have you been looking for a fresh new way to add a little pizzazz to your marketing displays? Our literature stands with digital screens are a two-in-one advertisement display that captures customers attention with multimedia content and provides take-away information for review. The plug-and-play capabilities of these magazine racks engage customers with photo, video, and music. Literature stands with digital screens feature 7" or 10.1” LCD advertising panel protected by a locking bracket for secure usage. Freestanding literature stands with digital screens feature a 10-tier system, which hold any 8.5” x 11” magazine or catalog. Wall-mounted units feature multi-pocket designs made from metal mesh, with an attachable LCD monitor. We offer countertop models as well, which feature custom graphics and single or double-pocket designs. Each catalog holder, with advertisement panels, includes a 8GB USB drive as well as USB 2.0, mini HDMI, and memory card ports.

How will a multi-media marketing display help your business?
  • Literature stands with digital screens capture attention and entice customers to bring home information that boosts sales. Multimedia displays provide patrons with product and service information. This helps build a lasting client base all from one memorable presentation.
  • Magazine racks with digital screens increase exposure and promote brand authority at high-traffic events. Marketers at trade shows, conventions, and even shopping plazas make great use of these fixtures. Use these racks to give your organization to competitive edge and stand out among the competition. Leave your customers with a lasting impression, and send them home with the right information to keep them coming back to your business.
  • Our advertisement displays with digital screens feature easy plug-and-play capabilities with a remote control. This means that each unit is versatile, and able to adapt to the specific needs of any event or marketing campaign. For security, each screen is protected behind a locking frame, making it safe to showcase your business’ advertisements at high-traffic venues.
  • Wall Mounted Digital Screen Literature Rack
  • Each brochure and magazine stand features a steel and acrylic frame that breaks down for easy transport between events. Floor-standing racks with digital screens are protected by tempered glass. This shatter-resistant option is best to use in public settings. Quality construction materials ensure the longevity of this fixtures life through countless events.
  • Magazine racks with multimedia monitors are available in three designs. Floor standing units make ideal centerpieces or focal points in busy lobbies. They are portable for trade show use, and can be positioned anywhere. Wall-mounted models save space in otherwise busy areas and utilize traditionally empty areas. Countertop fixtures are great point of sale displays that place advertisements and information packets directly in front of your customers at checkout. This positioning captures the attention of passersby more easily and gives them a centralized place to browse.

Ideal for enhancing presentations these digital screens make for impactful advertisements. Catalog holders with a modern multimedia marketing displays embrace the duality of high-tech branding and traditional printed mediums. For large-scale events, browse our selection of television mounts with magazine pockets, which support bigger, more demanding, displays on full sized 41”-83” TV’s. Each of these units feature built-in printed media pockets for take-away catalogs that support the marketing material displayed on screen.

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