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TV Stands with Literature Holders & Pockets

Television Stands with Mounts & Literature Display Pockets

Need to distribute publications or promotional reading materials alongside your media presentation? These flat panel TV stands hold literature in an attached tray or pocket! The built-in literature pockets offer the perfect solution for adding more content to slideshows, video advertisements, and other on-screen presentations. The TV stands with literature pockets allow brand representatives to pass out supplemental information regarding their products and services, which is great for retail and trade show applications. Vendors can easily set up a video presentation on their LCD monitor while adding more details on brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and even company catalogs. The plasma TV displays feature several types of pockets, so virtually any literature can be accommodated. Standard pockets fit magazines, catalogs, and other 8.5" wide publications, while the divided pockets allows for smaller information like brochures, leaflets, and pamphlets to be displayed. While many of the TV stands with pockets are single-sided, some feature literature holders on both sides for twice the impact. There are so many different configurations that customers should examine them all before choosing the best option for a specific application.

Flat screen TV stands with literature holders mounted on the front provide a simple access point for passersby. This way, companies can build their brand and increase exposure to products in any setting. TV stands with brochure pockets are commonly used at visitor centers to detail local attractions, nearby services, and other traveler information. Other LCD television stands feature larger pockets that will accommodate magazines and catalogs, which makes them great for use in a trade show booth or corporate office reception area. While some of the models come with metal pockets, most feature clear plastic or acrylic construction. The advantage of this design is that the potential client or customer gets an unobstructed view of the displayed reading materials. Printed literature may seem like it's a thing of the past, but the reality is that many consumers and business representatives prefer materials they can take with them. Combine any modern TV media presentation with literature hand-outs or informational packets to sway your potentials clients and customers. No matter what industry you or your company is part of, one of these durable television stands with information pockets is sure to give you an edge on the competition. Use one in a convention center, hotel lobby, doctors' office waiting room, or other business.

How can I be sure that passersby will see my information?
  • The sheer size of your mounted LED, LCD, or plasma television will definitely attract the eyes of every potential customers.
  • Once the televised presentation has successfully draw in prospects (even from across a large room), the clear or metal literature pockets will do the rest.
  • Each pocket is ergonomically designed to allow for easy grabbing of reading materials. The viewer can reach into the open tray or pocket and effortlessly retrieve the information they design.
  • Some of the pockets and holders for literature can be adjusted on the TV stands to ensure that your audience is comfortable while viewing the screen and grabbing the reading materials.

All of the necessary hardware is included to mount most flat screen and plasma televisions, though some may require specific screws that can be purchased at any hardware store for mounting and installation. Many of these literature/TV stand combinations are sold with an optional tilting mounts and other screen adjustability features. Be sure to read about each model on its respective info page for all the details. We offer only VESA compatible mounts and brackets, so there is never any question as to whether your LCD, LED, or plasma monitor will fit securely. Most of our stands for literature and televisions are crafted from metal, like aluminum or steel, to ensure they last through many events. The durable construction, attached literature pockets, and versatile designs make these LCD monitor stands some of the most effective promotional tools on the market. Enhance your media display with an interactive presentation and literature today!

These TV stands for dispensing literature are offered as an exciting alternative to the traditional advertising techniques. Using a plasma television to promote your company will help draw more people over to your booth or store, as the vibrant imagery captures the attention of anyone within viewing distance. Many retail stores are now using digital media to display informative videos and other marketing advertisements. Customers and passersby are much more likely to stop and take note of a TV playing an attractive ad, rather than a static poster hanging on the wall. When strategically placed, the modern television stand will help to increase product awareness leading to more sales. Casinos and other resorts use the LCD TV fixtures to promote restaurants, clubs, stores, and other services. Again, any business or organization can benefit from the literature/TV stands so get yours today. Take advantage of wholesale prices, fast shipping, and easy assembly with any of these great options!

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