Workplace Disinfecting Equipment Ensures a Healthy Environment for Employees and Customers

Copper antimicrobial film accessory for iPads

UV-C Light Chambers and Disinfectant Sprayers for Maintaining a Safe and Sanitary Office, Business, or Educational Facility

Do you need a better way to stay on top of daily germ- and virus-prevention in your building? Our workplace disinfecting equipment offers a variety of solutions that are designed to save time and make it easier to maintain your sanitizing routines. Keeping workspaces safe and sanitary for employees and customers alike can feel like a full-time job. Especially when it comes to high-touch surfaces, utilizing packaged aerosols or wet wipes to do the job quickly becomes expensive and arduous. Investing in commercial-grade workplace disinfecting equipment like electrostatic sprayers to stop the spread of viruses not only cuts down on single-use waste and saves time, but is also a more effective way to sanitize surfaces like railings, desks, and door handles. When considering the solution that best suits your facility, it’s important to think about the everyday experience of your employees and guests. Infection often occurs when someone touches something that has been contaminated by a virus. UV-C light exposure can kill the microbes that make people sick, so workplace disinfecting equipment with ultraviolet bulbs allow personal items to be effectively sanitized without the need for liquids that may harm them. We all carry phones, keys, credit cards, and portable electronic devices that we can’t help but touch daily, if not hourly. Removing infectious microbes from these high-touch surfaces effectively and efficiently goes a long way toward preventing illness.

What solutions are available for sanitizing workspaces and devices?
  • Disinfectant Sprayers — As far as everyday workplace disinfecting equipment goes, these handheld or backpack models are the true workhorses of any facility’s suite of tools. Electrostatic sprayers propel liquid disinfectants as a mist of 15-micron droplets and infuse them with a positive charge for superior surface coverage and adhesion. This ensures that even hard-to-reach places where microbes might hide are not missed.
  • UV-C Sanitizing Chambers — By their very nature, cell phones, tablets, wallets, purses, and ID badges are things we can’t avoid touching while we’re out in public. It’s not always feasible to wipe or spray these items down either. That’s where UV light bulbs come in. UV-C radiation has long been used to kill microbes and with specially-designed chambers that expose your personal items to this effective wavelength, you and your employees can forgo the wet wipes. A rolling cart option with tall shelf clearance can accommodate bags and larger items, while charging lockers specifically designed to fit electronic devices provide the dual benefit of also topping up your battery.
  • Antimicrobial Film — A great first step in keeping your workplace free of germs and viruses is to prevent them from thriving in the first place. Our self-adhesive copper sheets kill 99.99% of microbes on their surface and can be cut into any shape to fit onto elevator buttons, door handles, reception desks, and keypads — any high-contact fixtures that would otherwise need near constant sanitization.

Ensure that your business is doing everything in its power to safeguard employees' and customers' health and safety, especially during high-risk seasons where infectious disease is prone to spread. With the breadth of professional equipment available to you, facility cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle. Of course, preventing surface transmission is only one half of a winning virus-prevention strategy. Provide customers and employees with accessible hand sanitizer dispensers that are easy to use to stand the best chance at stopping transmission. Choose from wall-mounted or floor standing dispensers to suit your and your guests’ needs.

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