Water Base Signs Feature Weighted or Fillable Designs for Added Stability

Water Base Signs - Weighted Pavement Signs with Fillable Bases

These water base signs, sidewalk signs are designed to withstand in most weather conditions. The weighted sidewalk signs shown in this category all include water bases for added durability in mild winds. Fill the heavy-duty plastic bases with either water or sand to weigh your sign down and keep it steadfast on a busy sidewalk. These water base signs, also known as weighted pavement signs, cause foot traffic to your shop or outdoor business. Fillable pavement signs are ideal for promoting your business on sidewalks to appeal more customers. Water based signs have water filled bases to secure your signs in bad weathers.

What features do these sidewalk signs have?
  • Water base signs increase stability for outdoor environments.
  • These sidewalk signs have various designs, such as slide-in frames and snap open frames.
  • There are sign panels in different materials for customers to choose from.

Some of the outdoor frame signs, sign boards and other sidewalk signs in the series have built-in wheels for easy mobility. Some of the frame sign also have aluminum snap edges, the easiest method to load and unload your signs. We sell these sidewalk signs with snap frames on both sides of the display, to attract attention from numerous directions. Allow each side of a snap frame sign to drive in business and market your services!

Displays2Go offers the water base sidewalk signs in several sizes, as well as in many different designs, for you to choose from. We include these pavement signs in our vast selection of outdoor displays. In there, you'll also find several other displays designed for outdoor use, most of which are in stock and ready to ship. We also stock a greater selection of frame signs, a boards, and pavement signs for your shop. Our outdoor signs product line is continually expanding to give you more options.

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