Wet and Dry Erase Sandwich Board Signs- Wet & Dry Erase

Restaurant and Bar Menu Boards

Write-On Dry Erase Sandwich Boards for Personally Written Sidewalk Messaging

Are you looking for a way to engage with passersby, or even frequent customers, in a way that adds a touch of personal flair to your storefront entryway? Our wet and dry erase sandwich board signs are a great place to include quirky quips, hand-written promotions, jokes, and marker or chalk art. Each sidewalk pavement sign features an A-frame design or weighted base, providing stability while in use in high traffic areas and a small footprint when stored away for the night. Use any of these wet and dry erase sandwich board signs to hand write your message in either wet markets, dry markers, or liquid chalk. Choose from a variety of options including wooden construction, metal frames, folding designs and weighted bases. These wet and dry erase sandwich board signs are a great way to swap out daily messaging with a simple wipe of a wet cloth, keeping your messaging fresh for your regular customers.

  • Use Humor: Create a fun, easy-going atmosphere to lower inhibitions and create a more relaxed, human experience with your guests.
  • Spread Positivity: Uplift your customers and employees to create good-will within your community through inspirational quotes.
  • Be Social: Your online presence is equally as important as your physical store, so encourage customers to share their experience with you!

Use wet and dry erase sandwich board signs to generate interest from foot traffic in busy areas such as shopping centers, downtown, or open markets. While LED “open” signs, interior displays, and menus are a staple in most retail or restaurant settings, it is the ones who begin their efforts curbside that often find the most success. While these sandwich boards are outdoor displays that are meant to withstand most mild weather conditions, please keep in mind that they are not intended for use in inclement weather. If you're looking for more ways to upgrade the outdoor areas of your business, choose from a range of outdoor displays! For all other display needs, visit our main shopping page and view our extensive selection of display products for every business!

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