Attention-Grabbing Tips For Your Sidewalk Sign Messaging

Tips for Generating Interest with Sidewalk Signs

Posted on 23, April, 2021

Last Modified on 03, May, 2021

Chalkboard & Sidewalk Letterboards Deliver Much More Than Menu Options & Prices

You're a business owner, so odds are you're a practical thinker and might say, "I bought the sign to tell customers about the daily special, what else can a sign be good for?" Restaurant and Bar Menu Boards We're glad you asked! Sidewalk signs, especially chalk or dry-erase boards, offer your storefront an open sandbox of possibilities just waiting to be unlocked by yourself or any one of your talented employees. Especially useful in bars, restaurants, cafés, and fitness centers, many successful businesses use these fixtures to deliver inspirational quotes, quirky drawings, or memorable, knee-slapping puns that relate to your menu or product line. There is a whole subculture of fervent followers who subscribe to sidewalk sign hashtags and groups on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, or browse endless curated albums on sites like Pinterest. Tap into this audience and generate online interest for your store or restaurant by providing your social media handles in one corner of the board and encouraging your guests to post about their visit, reaching thousands who otherwise may not have known that your business exist.

Top 3 Tips for Using Your Sidewalk Sign to Drive More Sales
  • Use Humor: Create a fun, easy-going atmosphere to lower inhibitions and create a more relaxed, human experience with your guests.
  • Spread Positivity: Uplift your customers and employees to create good-will within your community through inspirational quotes.
  • Be Social: Your online presence is equally as important as your physical store, so encourage customers to share their experience with you!

Often, an A-frame chalk-board sign will be your establishment's first impression to a customer, providing a compact space with immense potential that not only states, "yes! we are open," but showcases a fan-favorite menu option, mascot, or wholesome joke that sets the tone of your customer's experience. Many regular café customers will even look forward to seeing new messaging or artwork on a daily basis! For employees, updating the board with a new quote, image, or joke can be a refreshing and fun part of their day, especially for those who truly enjoy being an artist. Get inspired by current events, holidays, song lyrics and viral memes to generate unique content that’s relevant to your business. You'd be surprised how creative your team can be when given the task!

The Joke’s on You, and That’s Alright

Humor plays an incredibly prevalent role in advertising and marketing campaigns, from big-business television ads all the way to mom-and-pop bars, restaurants, and bistros. Set the tone before your customers even step through the door with quirky, quick-witted quips that relate to your menu or product selection such as:

  • “Today’s Special: Buy one beer for the price of two and get one FREE!”
  • "Money doesn’t bring happiness, shopping does!”
  • "Don’t be upsetti, eat some spaghetti!”

Humorous quotes, lyric parodies and memes are a great way to showcase some flavor and set a mood in bars, retail stores, or restaurants respectfully. By taking advantage of good-willed humor, you help lower the guard of your customers, leading to a more organic shopping or dining experience while reminding them that you and your staff are human as well. Many sales environments are stale, focused on closing a deal, upselling additional menu options or services. While it is important to inform your customers of what is available inside, good humor can set the tone and foundation to a positive experience, open more lines of conversation, and remove the social barriers that can hinder sales growth.

Become a Positive Pillar of the Community, Even for Passersby

Sidewalk Sign Dry-Erase Markers

Not every message has to be sales-oriented, sometimes, delivering positive messages to those walking on the street or driving past can go a long way toward creating brand-loyalty. Even for those who have never stepped foot in your café, an uplifting message on your sidewalk sign could be the very thing that they look forward to seeing on their daily commute, dog-walk, or stroll through town. This type of recognition and relationship building bolsters your place in the community and helps maintain a positive image, increasing the potential for new customers to visit. Swap out quotes daily to generate interest and give customers something to look forward to with messages such as:

  • ”Today’s special, and so are YOU!”
  • ”We are OPEN, and we are here to inspire and nurture one cup at a time!”
  • ”If we stand together, we can change the world!”
  • ”We like you too :)”

Positive customer relationships stem from much more than delivering a quality product, such as building a quality relationship. Deliver uplifting messages to your community to build a solid foundation for everyone, not just those who purchase from your store, and trust that your good intentions will be paid back in full.

Being Social Online Starts with Content Worthy of Being Shared!

Social media has extended brick-and-mortar retail into the online conversation, so if your customers are connected, why aren’t you? Most smartphones, especially after visiting a new location, will ask it’s user to leave a review about how they liked their experience. While reviews may be daunting or intimidating, it’s best to encourage customers to share how much they enjoyed their time with your business as often as possible. Use your sidewalk sign or outdoor chalkboard to share your social media handles so that your business is not only easy to find, but easy to share with the countless web of followers each of your guests has on their feed. Embrace this digital era by sharing content on these platforms:

  • Facebook: Share a business page where customers to talk about your products or services.
  • Instagram: Post menu options, new product updates, and new sandwich board artwork!
  • Pinterest: Update your pinboard with loads of new quotes, drawings, and sidewalk sign ideas.
  • Twitter: Engage with your customer base with daily updates, company news, and more.

Most often, we will see social media handles nestled into one of the corners of your chalkboard alongside post-worthy content or artwork. By giving customers the tools to post about your business, and providing them with free content to share, you increase your online presence, generate interest, and can even become a viral sensation!

Mix-and-Match to Find What Works Best for You

Using your sidewalk sign, letterboard, or outdoor chalkboard to its fullest potential will take time to master, especially when trying to find your voice. The wonderful thing about these signs is that they can be changed on a whim! If a joke fell short, well, that's an easy change. Blind, positive optimism not really your thing? Add a dash of cynicism to the mix and see how it lands. There are, however, some best practices every company should take advantage of, no matter your brand of humor or positivity.

  • Do your best to incorporate your social media handles whenever possible, if space permits.
  • Embrace creativity and visual aspects such as drawings alongside quotes or jokes to add flavor whenever there is room.
  • Swap out your content on a daily basis if you’re able since it will always be a refreshing thing for regular customers to look forward to upon their visit!

With any sidewalk sign or letter board, the possibilities are truly endless and with enough time, you will find your particular style of delivering fun, quirky messages to your guests and passersby.

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