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24 x 36 Floor Level Poster Stands

Freestanding Poster Frames for 24 x 36 Printed Graphics

These floor-standing poster frames for 24" x 36" retail signage are ideal for busy stores, offices, and organizations. Many times, the floor level poster stands are displayed at trade shows or in retail settings to increase customer traffic. Most of these sign displays feature practical, double-sided frames so merchants and advertisers are able to maximize the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns. By advertising in two different directions, you can catch customer attention both coming and going!

Each retail signage display features either a slide-in design or snap frame edges. Either style makes for quick and simple graphic changes. Simply slip the printed poster through the channel in the top or snap open the sides of the frame to load the graphic through the front. Some of the units are sold without lenses, but most include a protective plastic overlay to ensure the life of your 24" x 36" graphics. The lenses not only protect the posters, but they also serve as an anti-reflective surface, so overhead lighting does not obsure the displayed message or artwork.

One of the most practical features of these single & dual-sided poster stands is the mobile base. While not all of the stands are equipped with rolling bases, many do offer attached wheels. This way, users can gently glide them across the floor to new advertising locations. Don't let your retail sales floor or showroom become stagnant with the same old displays. Order one of the mobile stands to move your posters around with ease. And because the retail signage systems are so easy to load, putting out new graphics will be effortless as well. Increase the effectiveness of your brand's campaign today with any one of these fine poster display stands from Displays2go.

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