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Examples of How to Frame Posters, Signs, Ads & Artwork

How To: Framing Large Posters, Advertising Signs & Artwork

How to Frame Posters for Outdoor DisplayHow to frame posters is a question businesses, and even individual shoppers struggle with on a daily basis. Hopefully the information listed here will answer any picture, poster, or print frame questions, and offer framing solutions that will exceed expectations. Knowing how to frame posters may seem like an easy task, but there are a lot of things to consider that even the seasoned art print framing professional might forget. If Pablo Picasso were alive today, he would certainly appreciate this informative page to refer to for tips on framing his works of art. In addition to the tips and suggestions on how to frame posters, there is also a large inventory of poster frames for sale suitable for movie posters, pictures, or even art prints.

Getting Started:

Once the poster or art print has been selected, it needs to be measured. Simply take the movie posters, art prints, or pictures and measure the length and width. Another important aspect of how to frame posters is knowing the thickness of the material being framed. This is an important factor because some poster frames have small tolerances, and can't accommodate thicker materials such as art canvas. Most people allow for a little less than an inch of clearance between the print and lens. This matter of clearance between the lens and print is strictly up to the user, but definitely needs to be taken into account when learning how to frame posters.

What size frame do I need?

It is vital to pick the correct size poster frames that correspond with the size of the art prints, or movie posters that are being framed when learning how to frame posters. Often times the standard rule is to select a frame that is an inch wider and taller than the print, or poster. The frame shouldn't be any bigger than the standard as it will make the picture or print look odd. Conversely, the frame shouldn't be the exact same size as the print, as it will make it difficult to fit into the frame, and likely have a negative impact on the overall presentation. Additionally, no more than an inch gap between the lens and print should be allowed to keep the artwork from slipping.

How do I pick a frame style?

Hinged Poster DisplaysThe style of frame that is chosen is truly a matter of personal preference. Some businesses like to use wood frames to blend in with the existing d├ęcor. Wood poster frames tend to have a more elegant and classy look, whereas metal frames exhibit a more modern or clinical appearance. No matter what the taste or budget, there are plenty of options to choose from here. There are also plastic frames that can be finished to give off the appearance of wood or metal. These polystyrene frames are both lightweight and cheap; two factors that are big pluses in today's economy. One alternative to the traditional wood metal frames are acrylic frames. Clear acrylic allows the user to frame movie posters, art prints, or other signage completely without covering any of the displayed graphic. These acrylic print frame products are commonly seen in restaurants, hotel guest rooms, and taverns.

Securing the poster in the frame and mounting on the wall

Once the frame has been chosen, now it is just a matter of placing the poster in the frame and hanging it on the wall. First unhook the tabs on the back of the frame to remove the backboard, (if applicable). Place the picture or print face down on the lens, and replace the backing board. Bend the tabs secure against the back of the frame, and the ensemble is ready to hang on the wall.

Other framing tips to consider:

Black Matted Poster FrameOther important factors to take note of are things such as; the use of poster boards, acid-free poster boarding, and the use of a mat. One thing that can make the whole process of framing pictures or movie posters that much easier, is buying a poster frame with a backboard included. This takes the guess-work out of worrying about if there will be enough clearance between the lens and print. Most of the poster frames featured here include a back board. For the poster of your favorite teen idol; any poster frame and backboard will do. However, for a valuable piece of artwork that costs thousands of dollars; the type of backboard used is a huge concern. Most art enthusiasts choose an acid-free backboard to help preserve the print, and maintain the original quality. When posters or art prints touch a backboard with acid in it, the poster will tend to fade and become damaged quickly. So, rather you're an art collector, or a curator for a gallery, pay close attention to the type of backboard being offered with the frames you're looking to purchase. Another option with print framing is the use of a mat. A mat adds a nice border to the framed image, and is typically used for frames that are a quite bit larger than the picture.

What are some other helpful tips for framing posters?
  • Clean the lens on both sides prior to mounting the frame on the wall.
  • If the poster keeps slipping, use some regular household tape on the back of the print to secure it in place.
  • Make sure the poster is positioned straight when viewing it from the lens side prior to securing the backboard in place.
Are there discount prices available for large quantity orders?
  • All of the pricing is listed for each product based on quantity ordered.
  • For customers that purchase higher quantities there are various price breaks.
  • Most of these quality picture holders are already priced at cost or below in some instances.
  • For shoppers wanting to purchase a quantity higher than the largest price break listed please contact a member of our staff for possible further discounts.

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