Acrylic File Holders with Single & Multi-Pocket Designs

Plastic Wall File Holders - Organize Letterhead & Legal Size Folders

These incredibly versitile hanging acrylic & plastic file folder holders can hold both 8.5" x 11" and legal sized literature. Some of the acrylic file holders feature clear finish while others have a semi-transparent black color called "smoke". Each design varies but many have the ability to be stacked for a multi-pocket configuration. While most of the hanging folder organizers are attached to a wall or cubicle, some can be used on a desktop. Any office or professional environment will benefit from the unique features these filing systems offer. For example, there are quite a few file holders that will fit both 8.5" x 11" and legal sized documents (8.5" x 14"), which make them ideal for lawyers and law offices that use oversized folders. Check out all the pocket configurations as well as finish options to find the model that looks most attractive in your office and supplies the best functionality for your daily tasks.

No matter if it's your busy or slow season, there is never a better time to be organized. These plastic single and multi-pocket wall files attach easily and keep folders orderly. Choose the pocket configuration that best suits your business or non-profit's needs. Not only do we offer standard size wall mounted filing systems, but we also carry models that fit legal size documents. For this reason many law firms, government buildings, and corporations find the vertical folder holders to be extremely useful. Choose from stackable and tiered designs to make sure all your important information is highly organized and located within reach of your workspace. All of these plastic and acrylic selections feature affordable price tags, so it's not only easy but also cheap to get your paperwork in order.

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