iPad Air 2 Mounts with Lockable and Adjustable Enclosures

Standing and Mounted Holders for the Apple® iPad Air 2

Need an enclosure for your specific tablet model? You're in luck, because we offer a variety of iPad Air 2 mounts, floor stands, and countertop displays. Feature your touchscreen in a secure locking enclosure when you want to use it in a business or a public event. Many of our iPad Air 2 mounts feature an adjustable display to rotate or tilt the device to meet its needs. This specific tablet model measures 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm, making it thinner than the first generation. We've made iPad Air 2 mounts that are precisely made for these dimensions. Your tablet will sit securely within the enclosure whether it's being used for transactions as a cash register, a marketing display for events, or an interactive program for directly engaging with your audience.

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