Gift Buying Guide: 8 Realistic Gifts For A Retailer

8 gift ideas for a retail shop owner

Posted on 03, November, 2017

Last Modified on 23, August, 2022

'Tis the season to buy your friend that owns a retail store a gift. That's hard. How do you get the person that knows how and what to buy — and makes a living at it — a present they will actually use and haven't already bought for themselves? Why not make their working life easier with products to help them merchandise their products? You could even end up getting the best gift award for your realistic contribution. WIN!

1. Weighted Sidewalk Signs

Weighted Base Retail Sidewalk SignPresent a super effective sidewalk sign to your retail friend and you'll feel like a champion. Curbside signage is eye-catching, portable, and truly gets people in the door. This is a great product to give to any store owner!

2. TV Stands for Digital Advertising with Wheels!

TV Stand on Wheels for Retail Locations TV stands are a versatile tool for the modern the retailer. Many shop owners choose to display running advertisements among their merchandising displays to add extra oomph to their campaign. A TV stand on wheels no less? We hear a marketing superhero is coming to town! Your friend will be super excited to get one of these for their store!

3. Comment Boxes with Signage

comment box with sign holder

In a customer-centric world, gathering organic feedback from shoppers is synonymous with survival. Grab your retail buddy an easy ballot box for gathering consumer data. Not your typical gift, but just may help your friend make some positive strides with their business strategy. Hey, we said we were being realistic!

4. A Fancy Display Case

black truss podiumIf you buy this lighted display case for your shop-owning friend... you just win. You really do. With sleek wrap-around glass and 20 watt halogen ceiling and sidelights, anything showcased inside turns to gold. Powerful presentation does the job 99% of the time. A more expensive gift then typical, but if your friend is really special, they obviously deserve this.

5. Wall Mounting Poster Holders

24 x 36 Retail Sign Holder for WallWall mounting poster holders are a must-have item in any retail environment. These quick-change sign frames are available in tons of sizes and colors to match any decor. Pick up a few of these, smack a bow on 'em and make your pal's life a bit easier with extra signage options!

6. Tabletop Acrylic Sign Holders

Cheap Table Signs for Retail The smallest and perhaps most practical gift idea on our list, these sign holders are a quiet storm. Strategic placement of this small signage is an effective tactic that still holds it's weight; even in a largely digital world. Super cheap and durable too!

7. Removable Letter Boards

retail letter board sidewalk signChangeable letter board signs are a retail staple. These signage options are ideal for shop owners with daily specials or frequently changing promotions. If you know a boutique owner, you know someone who needs one. This one even comes with two stock promotional messages. Bonus!

8. A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

Retail A-Frame Curb SignAlso super effective, A-Frame sidewalk signs are a popular choice of signage for shopkeepers. Easy to change signage and collapsible for quick storage, these signs are versatile and pack an advertising punch. An easy in to this gift guide.

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