How to Display Your Crafts at a Show

Craft Show Ideas

Posted on 29, October, 2015

Last Modified on 17, November, 2015

What is the best way to sell and showcase your DIY creations at a craft show? You want to make your merchandise stands out from the crowd while looking professional and neat, but with the personality and flair that represents your custom-made items. Are you selling scarves? Wreathes? Bracelets? Greeting cards? No matter the craft, we have tips for you to display your merchandise with pride!

These display ideas feature examples of popular crafts, but you can use these display ideas & techniques to showcase almost anything!


Next, let’s discuss how to display accessories like scarves, headbands, bracelets, and earrings at a craft show! You want to make each piece stand out, but because you have limited space in your booth, this can be difficult to achieve. Displays that help shoppers imagine the accessory on themselves can be incredibly effective. So, in the spirit of space saving, we recommend using one prominent display to showcase a particular necklace, scarf, or hat - then below or next to that display, lay out the rest of the color options and styles you offer for customers to browse.

How to Display Scarves

Scarf Display Busts
Try Mannequin Heads
w/ Folded Scarves Underneath
Scraf Displays
Loop Scarves on a
Clothing Rack or Railing
Craft Show Dress Form
Use a Dress Form Top
& a Table for Folded Scarves

How to Display Jewelry

Jewelry Display
Natural Necklace Busts
Make a Statement
Travel Jewelry Display Cases
Portable Jewelry Showcases
Hold Lots of Jewelry at Once
Acrylic Earring Stand
Try Small Plastic Stands
For Dangly Earrings

How to Display Headbands & Hats

Craft Show Hat Display
Use Table Stands for 1 or 2 Hats
& Stack the Rest
Headband Display
Showcase Headbands on
Tube Fixtures
Hat Rack Displays
Floor Standing Hat Racks are
Great for Space Saving

Greeting Cards & Postcards

Craft fairs are also a great place for displaying custom greeting cards and postcards! Local artists, graphic designers, or print shops all revel at the opportunity to showcase their DIY designs in front of craft-loving enthusiasts. By using the right displays for your greeting cards, you bridge the gap between browsing customers and buying customers. Here are some perfect options:

Greeting Card Rack
Spinning Card Racks
Hold More Cards for Your Buck
Postcard Display
Use Small Postcard Pockets
for Tabletop Displays
Craft Show Greeting Cards
Fill a Light Cardboard Display
w/ 100's of Cards

These are just a few of the common craft show conundrums DIYers frequently experience. Essentially, if it’s a craft and you want to display it at a show, we promise you, there’s a display out there for you! The most important thing to remember is your craft fair display should showcase your products’ best features while making them stand out from the crowd!

Holiday Crafts

The holidays are a magical time in the world of crafts. Any fair around Christmastime is sure to be just brimming with holiday cheer; full of wreaths, ornaments, garlands, stockings, quilts, and more! However, some of these holiday decorations can be difficult to display, to say the least. With wreaths, for example, you are just not doing them any justice by laying them flat on a table. Wreaths are meant to be hung up in all their glory! Same thing with ornaments - shoppers need to imagine them twinkling on their trees. So, here are our tried and true suggestions for displaying wreaths & ornaments at craft shows:

Displaying Wreaths
Gridwall Stands w/
Hooks for Wreaths
Ornament Rack
Try Spinning Racks
for Ornaments
Stocking Display
Clip Strips Easily
Hold Stockings

Craft Show Must-Do's

Combine these craft show must-do's with the awesome display ideas you just read and you can't go wrong at your next fair!

  • DO stand out from the booth next to you
  • DON'T let your booth get messy or cluttered with crafts - this will overwhelm shoppers
  • DO have business cards readily available & on display
  • DO bring a professional & positive attitude to the show (aka DON'T look at your cell phone the whole time!)
  • DO makes prices visible at all times
  • DON'T just throw your crafts onto a table willy nilly - neatness & organization is key
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