Top Tips for WFH Parents Turned Teachers

Top Tips for WFH Parents

Posted on 31, March, 2020

Last Modified on 08, April, 2020

COVID-19 has really shaken up the world. What was our ‘normal’ has changed and this time it actually was overnight. The biggest change was not even really for us as working adults and parents, but more for our children. We’re now being tasked with 3 full-time jobs if you view them that way; this is going to be overwhelming. That was me until I started to approach a breaking point. It’s only 2 weeks into this new job status - way too soon for that! So, I thought to myself, I can’t be the only one feeling this way. That’s when I started reaching out to coworkers to see how they were handling things so far. Admittedly on all of our parts, some are faring better than others and some are feeling overwhelmed like me wondering how it was all going to work in a 24 hour day. As a mom and a fellow WFH-er, here are some tips that have helped me adjust to this new normal.

1. Ditch Your Expectations

Alarm Clock

Beautifully crafted, Pinterest-worthy schedules may work for some. Initially, it worked for me too. Most kids, especially mine, do better on a schedule. But this isn’t the ‘norm’ and we’re finding our children with more angst and anxiety than usual.. My ADHD’er struggles with what’s coming next, how long do I have to do XYZ… Most important is their mental health, as well as yours. By not applying so much pressure to them or yourself, it will be a more enjoyable and productive experience overall.

2. Carve Out Pieces of Time… For Work and for Play


Zoom meetings, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Epic… Things that were not part of the whole fam’s vocabulary are now the household slang.. Figure out what the must-dos and must-haves are for each day, and pencil in some fun time. Something to look forward to. Those breathers will get you through the day and allow you to transition back to the next set of must-haves and must-dos.

3. Make It Fun

Use what you’ve got - Pinterest and IG are great places to get some ideas. But also take a look around your house. Try to think of how you could use what you have, differently. Magnets and muffin tins for spelling and word making? Yes! Kitchen tongs and pom-poms for math and fine motor? Absolutely!

Look for something new - We weren’t prepared to become teachers overnight. That much is true. But simple pieces might be all we need to get us through this time. How about a prize wheel as a reward system for getting some school work done, or helping with chores?

Tabletop Easel For Kids

Or maybe an a-frame for practicing writing, or drawing, or even making a schedule together?! I don’t know about your kids, but with anything new or different, or hasn’t been used in a while, my kids get super excited about it. Switch things up, and you might be surprised at how the ‘attitude’ changes.

4. Get Outside

Get Outside

A breath of fresh air can help immensely, for you and the kiddos. When I was in the office full time, going for a walk on a nice day on my lunch break was exactly what I needed to get into a better mental space for the afternoon. The same applies here—if not more so. Get out some energy, soak up some Vitamin D, and then we can all regain some focus.

5. Communication Is Key

We all need a break, especially at a time like this where things are so different. Pressure can mount with all that is being asked of us right now. Speak up and become your best self-advocate when you’re on the verge of needing a break; versus past the breakdown point. We’re human, and you’re not alone. We’re all figuring our way through this different time, so reach out and stay in touch. Even if it’s to us over at Displays2go.

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