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Need courthouse displays and supplies, but not sure where to begin? Signage is probably one of the best places to start when it comes to outfitting these locations with the proper displays. Court signs can be as simple as door name plates and office labels or as elaborate as enclosed directory boards or even digital monitors with programmable content. We offer several different types of courthouse signage and choosing the best option depends on the budget and the needs of the courtroom and staff. For example, a basic courthouse directory board will work wonders at a local municipal buildings when it comes to guiding plaintiffs, defendants, jurors, and visitors to the proper areas. However, a larger building at the appellate, circuit, or federal level may benefit from a more elaborate digital signage system with several networked TVs. Similarly, signs can be placed outside courthouses to direct traffic or labeling parking lots.

Courtroom furniture includes lots of different items, from lobby chairs and tables to lecterns and podiums. A courthouse podium serves as a platform for plaintiffs, defendants, and their legal counsel to make their cases. Oftentimes, a courtroom will feature more than one of these lecterns. We carry both modern and traditional options, so matching the existing decor is easy. Some of the court podiums even include customization. This way, official seals can be added to the front. Many people are surprised at the affordable cost of these customized lecterns, so consider stretching your budget while making your courtroom look as professional as possible. Court chairs and tables are also for sale in this collection. Shop lobby style wooden seating with padded cushions if you're looking to upgrade from traditional wooden courtroom benches. You may even want to double up and purchase chairs for waiting areas as well as the courtrooms at your location. Crowd control systems, like court stanchions (especially the post & rope style), are also great additions. These barriers allow users to section off certain areas or create orderly lines at service locations.

While Displays2go offers a wide range of practical supplies and furnishings for courtroom use, there are also a number of displays that will be useful for the court exhibits themselves. Easels are some of the most common presentation tools used by legal counsel. A court easel can be used to feature large graphics, charts, photographic evidence, and other exhibits. Tabletop display boards can be used for similar purposes. Technology continues to evolve and work its way into every facet of life, so it's no surprise that courthouses also need to keep up with the times. Evidence in today's court cases frequently comes in a digital form. Bank records, video footage, and telephone conversations are some of the most common types of evidence submitted in civil and criminal cases. With so much digital evidence, courthouses may need to invest in video projection systems complete with mounting brackets and projection screens. Flat screen televisions and digital document monitors are also very useful in these types of settings. If your courthouse hears lots of cases that involve modern technology, consider upgrading your equipment so you can support the needs of the people more effectively. Audio systems for public speaking (including lecterns with built-in microphones and speakers) allow larger courtrooms to function as needed. Additionally, AV carts can be used with a variety of technological systems yet allow for them to be shared in several different offices, courtrooms, and other locations. Why wait when you can modernize your courthouse's abilities with these unique solutions.

General office supplies can really enhance the functionality of a courthouse too. Check out our wall file systems, brochure displays, business card holders, literature organizers, and magazine racks to get all your paperwork filed away neatly. You might also want to pick up some document frames to hang any official forms or statements on the wall. We even offer full reception desks and other lobby displays, so it's easy to pick up all the tools you need today while paying low, wholesale prices at Displays2go.

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