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Citizens often have to visit state and federal buildings to take care of things like driver licenses and legal matters. When most people enter this type of public building, it is unfamiliar to them. So, what is the first thing they do to try to get their bearings? Most likely, these people immediately stop and look around them for signs telling them where to go. That’s where government signs come in! Municipal and administrative buildings need a healthy supply of these wayfinding signs and directory boards to help visitors find their way around. From wall mounting sign standoffs to floor standing poster holders, you’ll find a huge variety of government signage on this page.

While traditional sign solutions are essential to the smooth operation of a federal or state facility, government digital signage can provide directory information in a way that typical frames and poster holders cannot. With the ability to remotely operate up to 50 TV monitors at once, these LG media players are a great choice for any municipal building with constantly changing signage needs. The commercial monitors come with integrated media systems that let uses show the weather, stock tickers, live TV, advertisements, and more! Use this type of government digital signage in waiting areas or lobbies to keep visitors entertained.

Besides keeping guests entertained, state and federal office receptions areas will also need to provide seating accommodations. Government office furniture like chairs, couches, side tables, and coffee tables help to create a welcoming waiting area for guests. Use snap-open poster frames to hold art on the surrounding walls to further complete the room’s décor. With a range of colors and sizes available, this government furniture is sure to look great in any office environment.

Government office literature displays are another important supply to municipal facilities. Many of these administrative buildings offer information and services to the general public. Literature holders are needed to hold the various periodicals, brochures, pamphlets, and magazines that are available. From spinning floor models, to countertop acrylic holders, government supply purchasers are sure to find the right display to fit their literature. Office cubicle file hangers are a chosen organizational supply by many government employees. Multi-pocket business card holders are another popular choice.

There are many other government office supplies on this page that are ideal for municipal facility outfitting and management. Crowd control stanchions, for example, have retractable belts to keep long lines orderly. Trash receptacles and recycling bins are a must for any office building. Ballot boxes are great for collecting employee feedback, donations, or election votes! Storage lockers with combination locks are essential for keeping personal items secure in break rooms and changing areas. Hand sanitizer dispensers are ideal for stopping the spread of germs around flu-season. All these government supplies and more are needed to keep a facility up and running efficiently!

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