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Before citizens can place their votes, they first need to know where to go. Polling stations must use signage to make their location known to the general public. Try using voting signs that are custom printed onto lightweight foam boards. This type of signage is easy to attach to street poles around the area with included brackets. You can also slide these polling station signs into many different styles of outdoor sidewalk signs. To make an even bigger statement, voting stations might also benefit from custom printed vinyl banners. No matter the style or size, it is essential that polling stations use signs to tell folks where to go to cast their votes!

Once the general public knows where their local polling station is, you’ll need to make sure the inside of the location has the right fixtures to keep the process organized and orderly! Voting supplies like tables for registration or wall mounting frames for holding important information might not be what people first think of when it comes to polling stations, but they are necessary for facilitating the process. For example, stanchion posts may be needed for keeping long lines orderly. Stanchion topping signs with messages like “Please Wait Here” are also a helpful voting supply!

Now on to where the main event occurs: the voting booths! People deserve privacy when they are choosing their candidates. This is why many polling stations use a variety of booths, carrels, and partitions to section off individual ballot casting areas. We offer voting carrels with flat surfaces and raised sides to provide privacy from 3 directions. Folding panel displays also work well for creating polling booths because they can be placed on pre-existing tabletops or counters. We also offer floor standing folding partitions made of hook & loop-receptive fabric! Stick voting signs and information right to the outside of these makeshift booths using hook & loop strips. A fabric tent can also make a lightweight and portable voting booth. The options are endless!

Lastly, any polling location may need a selection of ballot boxes for holding all the votes! We carry a huge line of lockable boxes just perfect for holding precinct poll tickets! Ballot boxes for voting booths are available in countertop or floor standing models. Some even feature built-in sign holders for added visibility.

You’re sure to find all the right polling station supplies on this site! Choose the displays to make the democratic process as seamless and easy as possible! These displays have my vote!

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