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To figure out what displays your toy store might need, let's imagine and analyze a first-time customer's experience. When children first enter a toy shop, they usually gravitate toward their favorites. Whether it's a new Lego set or the latest American Girl doll, children are on a mission. It's pretty clear that kid's don't waste too much time reading overhead signs or poster advertisements displayed on the wall. This is why it's so important to utilize toy store shelves that keep the focus on the merchandise. Dump bins and gondola shelving for toys help keep large quantities organized, which is very important in any shop. Although kids don't usually pay too much attention to toy store signage, you can bet the ones paying the bill (parents) are! Savvy parents know how to reason with their kids while getting the best deal on the toys their kids desire, so as a toy shop operator you might use customized flags & teardrop banners or aisle labels. These types of graphics and toy store display systems make it easy for customers to navigate and find their way. More generic signs are also included in our line, like LED "Open" and "Sale" signs. Some of these options even feature locations for store hours and other pertinent information. But anytime you need to create your own custom signage for your toy store, you can be sure Displays2go has either a customizable option or a display that will make your own graphics look their best. We even have an internal art department that can help create the toy store banner you have always wanted.

As mentioned briefly before, toy shop shelves are very imporant to making sales. We carry a full line of different shelving, including metal, wire, and cardboard options to meet the limitations of any budget. Shop slatwall gondolas, modular gridwall displays, and wire dump bins to make sure all your store's toys are properly displayed. We even offer a wide assortment of price tags, clips, and shelf talkers that help customers recognize item names and prices very quickly.

Multimedia, like movies and video games, have become a very popular product line for toy stores. Make sure that you have all the right DVD and video game displays to highlight the latest releases. We carry countertop and floor standing CD/DVD racks which come in acrylic, cardboard or even lightweight metal wire. If you have limited space, our DVD spinner racks will really maximize your showroom floor. For stores with a larger inventory, the floor standing DVD and video game racks can be installed to cover an entire wall. Some stores even install video game systems complete with a large flat screen TV. By interacting with the video games, children will be more prone to begging their parents for the video game or system when it's time to leave. Additionally, using a multimedia display will make it so parents can view the game in action to determine if it is suitable for their child before purchasing it. Our television mounts are perfect for supporting even the largest of TVs. Our TV brackets are perfect for toy stores because they feature flexible motion, like height adjustability, panning, and swiveling. These features enable store owners to set the television up in a variety of ways that accommodate both kids and their parents. These TV stands and mounts also come equipped with cable management systems that hide (and restrain children from pulling any) wires, which could damage your products.

As you know, parents usually want their children to do activities other than playing video games and watching movies all day. That is why we also offer children's furniture like tables, chairs, and bookshelves. The tables and chairs are made of plastic to create a safe environment for children. The small design is perfect for young kids and can make the perfect place to play with and test out new toys as well as read their favorite stories. Our line of children's book displays features wood construction and low accessible designs that are ideal for young readers.

Remember that your toy store's target demographic is most likely made up of parents, grandparents, uncles & aunts who are shopping for their young family members. For this reason, you'll want to make sure you can get their attention in the most effective ways. If you want the customer to pick up a pamphlet with specials and coupons, you should set up a toy store magazine stand on the showroom floor. You can also offer memberships, promotions, and rewards at the service counter by displaying leaflets, brochures, and catalogs in a tabletop literature holder. Business cards are also useful in this type of setting, so pick up a tray or dispenser to hand out your store's contact info. On the way out the parents will stop by the cash wraps and checkout counters, which are available in many sizes and colors. The variety of finishes and sizes allows you to match store's design while paying attention to spacial limitations. Many toy store managers showcase little items at the counter that would otherwise be lost in a sea of toys. Encouraging impulse purchases is a great way to drive up your bottom line and it works extremely well any time kids are involved (sorry parents!). Candy, gum, and small toys are irrestible to children especially when they have to wait in line. When you capitalize on this impulse sale phenomenon, you'll wonder why you weren't displaying point-of-purchase items long before! As your customers exit, you have one more chance to drive home your brand. Get a custom entry mat with your customized logo to make sure your customers always remember where they shopped!

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