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Expanding our product lines is very important to what we do. Without this aspect, we wouldn’t have been able to sustain over 40 years in the stock and custom printed POP display business. Where do our new products come from? With over a thousand new products launched every year, it takes a team of teams to bring you these new offerings. Our in-house product development teams take new ideas and make them a reality. The design and engineering department team is staffed by resourceful individuals who fuel the production line engine. And our merchandising team is a group of real people, always on the move, searching for the displays our customers are asking for. Our dedicated purchasing and logistics teams then facilitate the shipping from port to warehouse.

Anticipating what is wanted is just as important as what is not wanted. This requires a deep understanding of the industry, with a willingness to test out up and coming brands and fixtures from new suppliers. Does every sourced product become a wild success? Of course not, but the process involves rigorous market research, negotiation, and quality assurance.

What does our merchandising team of “Real People” strive to accomplish?
  • Listen to our customer’s wants, needs, and suggestions
  • Anticipate unrealized wants and needs
  • Stay on top of trends to offer the best products
  • Develop and source products at the best prices, to provide the best value
  • Provide a wealth of information about our products for an easy shopping experience
  • Find ways to enhance, update, or add value to customer favorites

Part of this agenda is exemplified by our in house line, called The Workshop. From development to design to production, all the work is done under our own roof. Back when we first started business, our bread and butter products were the clear acrylic literature holders (and to be fair, they still are.) But things didn’t stop there and we grew internal production to include sign holders, poster stands, podiums and lecterns, and phone charging stations. The ongoing process of developing new products never stops, and is necessary for a healthy business model. When you buy a Workshop product, you are getting a proprietary fixture created exclusively for our customers and their needs.

High value and affordability, featured in our Workshop line, extends to our sourced and imported products as well. Over the years, we have been able to introduce poster light boxes, frameless glass display cases, commercial TV stands, and iPad holders. These are just some of the product lines that now make up a substantial portion of our inventory catalog. And we’re not stopping now. Come back often to see what new and exciting POP displays we have to offer. The future looks bright!

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