The New Classroom Layout - Welcome Students Back Safely

With new guidelines changing constantly, we can be sure of one thing; the modern classroom come September will look drastically different. Ensure that your prepared to welcome students back with solutions to help stay within new social distancing guidelines in schools.

Increasing signage around your school's campus can help communicate important messages to staff and pupils. Health and safety suggestions have been evolving at a rapid pace so quick-change sign holders like snap-frames and top-loading options are key.

Directing foot traffic will also be a huge effort. Social distancing decals in entryways and along school corridors will be an effective measure to help student traffic move smoothly and also help to remind of a safe 6 ft distance. Choose from stock, pre-printed floor decals, great for hallways and open-format rooms or customize your message with custom printed floor stickers.

The classroom itself will look very different with added spacing between students. Folding partitions offer a great way to separate students while also providing a visual learning board to pin lessons or student creations. Adding more bulletin boards and portable whiteboard options can also be of help. Portable, one-user solutions will be of benefit in the new classroom. Choose fixtures that are easy-to-sanitize, too! And of course, hand sanitizing stations everywhere. We can't keep these holders in stock, but when they're available, they're vital.

On the more utilitarian end, increasing waste receptacles around your campus can help encourage better hygeine practices and allow for easier sanitation in general. Parking lots will need love too as bus traffic is expected to increase tremendously so more parking cones and safety fixtures are a must.

We're here to help you navigate the new school year. If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, we're happy to help you find what you need. We offer a huge line of other social distancing solutions that may fit the bill. Find more products by clicking the button below.

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