Freestanding Menu Holders Feature Magnetic Lenses

Freestanding Restaurant Menu Holders w/ Magnetic Flip-Open Frames

Does your restaurant need new freestanding menu holders to display in the waiting area? Are you shopping for a new and innovative means of attracting more business? These freestanding menu holders also known as sign stands are used to attract passersby and entice guests read about what a dining facility has to offer. Floor poster stands, like display signs are simple to use. All of these freestanding menu holders feature a magnetic seal that makes it easy to reattach. Simply flip open the lens, insert an advertisement or graphic and close the lens overlap. These freestanding menu holders such as sign display stands have a black silver finish. These floor poster stands, magnetic restaurant stands promote a contemporary style for any type of commercial environment. Another great feature of these freestanding menu holders is the adjustable orientation. That's right; use these poster stands to display a sign in either a vertical or horizontal position. To change the orientation simply loosen the Allen screw and remove the frame and reattach in the desired position. These freestanding menu holders are offered in various sizes allowing for one or multiple graphics. The common 8-1/2" x 11" sizing makes it easy for restaurants to print new signs on an office printer and load right into the stands. No need to pay professional print shops to make new signage. There are also freestanding menu holders offered in an 11" x 17" size for larger venues. In order to keep this large sign stand from tipping, the base is weighted and designed to prevent accidents even from incidental bumping. Buy these freestanding menu holders with a unique design to further advertise food choices or specials within a restaurant.

One of the newest options available among this collection of sign stand is this height adjustable post with an acrylic frame. This freestanding menu holder features a telescoping metal pole with an acrylic panel and a magnetic lens. There is a round magnet located on each corner of the lens that corresponds to magnets permanently mounted on the acrylic frame. This freestanding menu holder is easy to change out signs and doesn't require moving the frame or stand. Another great feature of this poster display is the tilt mechanism built into the frame. Not only can this freestanding menu holder be adjusted vertically, but it can also be adjusted to the best viewing angle. All of these features make this floor sign stand a bargain at these low prices!

    Does this freestanding menu holder need to be assembled upon receipt?
  • Each poster stand offered here ships unassembled to help keep shipping costs low.
  • Although this freestanding menu holder requires some degree of assembly upon arrival; the entire process can be completed by one person in a matter of a few minutes.
  • There are no additional tools required by the consumer to successfully put this sign stand together.
    Is this freestanding menu holder suitable for outdoor use?
  • Even though this poster frame stand has a magnetic lens that will protect the graphics from debris, there are metallic components on this stand that will rust if exposed to damp environments.
  • This freestanding menu holder could be used in an entrance way or breezeway in fair weather conditions to offer restaurant guests a preview of the food items.
  • For further information regarding any of the poster stand options offered here please read the product details, or contact a call center agent.
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