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Restaurant Signage - Indoor, Outdoor & Tabletop Displays

Restaurant Sign Holders - Marketing Signs for Windows, Countertops & Floor Level

Looking for various ways to showcase posters that advertise prices, menus, charities, or business specials? These restaurant sign holders may be exactly way you need to take your business to the next level. Marketing poster displays are available in a variety of different styles including the following: digital menu stands, window signs, counter mats, tabletop frames and floor level signs (ideal for malls). The wide selection of these displays offers retailers a wide variety of signage to showcase with store fixtures. Restaurant signage known as marketing poster displays, sit conveniently on countertops and nicely complements display tables outdoor setups. Use the taller signs to advertise outside stores at malls and shopping centers.

Menu boards are a great way for restaurants to publish what specials they have and is an enticing way to increase foot traffic. Use creative & bright colors to increase visibility! Many boards feature LED backlighting to really make any message pop. Liquid chalk is available and compatible with many of our menu boards. The bright colors really stand out and allows users to flex their creative muscles!

What are some of the most common uses of these marketing poster displays?
  • Pricing - Retail sign holders are commonly used to advertise pricing on clothing and other merchandise.
  • Specials - Prominently showcase specials and upcoming sales where they will be visible to a large number of customers.
  • Events - Popular events like sporting games, karaoke and trivia night can be written on outdoor menu boards or posted in outdoor cases to inform passersby of fun events!

Various materials are available within the selection of restaurant signage. Acrylic marketing poster displays are both lightweight and affordable options. Metal signage may be slightly more expensive, but provides a much sturdier option. These store fixtures can also be expected to last over a longer period of time. The plastic window displays are ideal for advertising hours or the open/close status of a store. Many of these signs feature suction cups for easy attachment to any glass window.

Outdoor signs are designed to be more durable and remain stationary in poor weather. A-frames are convenient because they are simple to fold up and put away every night. Many signs feature a weighted base that can easily be filled with water or sand to prevent being blown over by extreme winds. There are also locking cases and bulletin boards that are rated specifically for outdoors. Tack menus, drink lists and specials up for potential customers to view before they enter your restaurant.

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