LED Menu Boards - Dry Erase Signage with Neon Lighting

Menu Boards with Vibrant LED Illumination

LED menu boards

Want to bring in more customers to your restaurant? These LED menu boards are great for featuring daily specials and menu items. Each fixture has a writing surface for wet erase and liquid chalk markers. Change your LED menu board's messaging with ease by simply erasing and rewriting. The displays' lights feature 13 different flashing settings as well as color cycling capabilities to attract customers. Use LED menu boards, or neon write-on signs, to create interesting artwork while promoting your business. Find illuminated markerboards in a variety of styles on Displays2go.com.

What types of neon write-on signs do we offer?
  • LED menu board wall mounts are excellent for featuring your bill of fare at eye level. Place your announcements and specials where anyone can see them by mounting your sign to a vertical surface. This will also free up floor space in your bar or restaurant. Our illuminated signage features a compact design and only extends 1" to 1.5" from the wall, making them ideal for cramped rooms. We also offer a number of hanging fixtures that are perfect for placement in windows. Suspend this high visibility signage from the ceiling when you can't put it on a wall. Each unit comes with all the necessary mounting and hanging hardware for easy installation.
  • Floor standing menu boards are a great way to attract attention because they're angled to eye level. When weather permits, place these write-on illuminated signs outside your establishment to bring more customers in. Each stand is double sided to showcase your specials to both directions of traffic. Sidewalk displays like these are hard to ignore and will benefit from your creative and colorful messaging. Make sure to bring these fixtures indoors during inclement weather as they are not waterproof.
  • Looking for something smaller? Our selection of countertop menu boards are ideal for placement on bars and restaurant tables. These small displays are perfect for listing specials up close with light up writing. This line of write-on signage features a lightweight, compact design that runs on batteries (not included). Alternatively, these tabletop light displays come with a power adapter for full time use.
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What makes our electronic write-on boards great for advertising in bars and restaurants? Each panel has a number of lighting settings as well as illumination colors. This creates interesting and captivating presentations that will draw attention while giving onlookers all the information they need. Some units additionally include a remote control for changing settings on the fly. In addition, all of these boards are made for use with wet erase markers that come in bright, vivid shades to paint a truly dazzling picture. Write multi-colored messages or draw beautiful pictures to get more people to notice your selection! Erasing this writing is easy and only requires a wet cloth.

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